Thursday, September 24, 2015

July 16, 1893: "Dub" Meetze (Mutze)

Today we learn about a lynching in south Carolina through the pages of the Logansport Pharos-Tribune (Logansport, Indiana) dated July 18, 1893:


Mysterious Killing, by Judge Lynch Probably, in South Carolina.

COLUMBIA, S. C., July 18.—"Dub" Meetze, white, was killed in Lexington county Sunday night by persons unknown. He was regarded as a "wolf's head" in Lexington, having a most unsavory reputation. He was run out of the state a year ago for horse stealing and warned not to return. He did return, however, and dodged around in the woods to escape notice. He wanted his wife to mortgage her place in order to raise money for him. She refused and she threatened to burn her house. Last Wednesday night her house was burned to the ground and she and her children narrowly escaped death.

It was reported that Dub Meetze had threatened to kill one or two people, and to burn the house of several others who exposed some of his former villanies. The sheriff and a posse searched for him, but without avail. Sunday night the sheriff was at the house which Meetze had threatened to burn. He heard shots, and going to the barn of Mrs. Meetze found Meetze lying with wounds. He died shortly after being discovered without naming his slayers, and the coroner's jury brought in a verdict of death from wounds inflicted by unknown parties.

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