Wednesday, October 14, 2015

August 4, 1908: William Miller

Today we learn about a lynching in Alabama through the pages of The Charlotte News (Charlotte, N. C.) dated August 5, 1908:

Negro Lynched Last Night at Brighton, Ala.

Charged With Complicity in Dynamiting House of Finley Fuller—Negro Taken by Mob and Swung to tree.

Greatest Excitement Prevails at Brighton and Governor May Order Out More Troops to Quell the Disturbance.

By Associated Press.

Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 5.—William miller, colored, was lynched last night at Brighton, south of Birmingham.

Deputies brought Miller to Brighton last night, as a mass meeting was being held.

He was charged with complicity in the dynamiting of the house of Finley Fuller.

Today when the deputy sheriff was sent to Brighton to bring Miller to Birmingham, it was discovered that the jail had been broken into.

The body of Miller was found in the woods hanging to a tree.

The greatest excitement prevails around Brighton and further trouble is imminent.

Another house was blown up during last night at Wylan, but no one was hurt.

The governor conferred with the sheriff and commanding officer of the military today and may call out more troops. 

Reports today are to the effect that there has been much shooting in various camps in the mining districts, though no one has been killed.

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