Saturday, January 30, 2016

May 21, 1928: Ceodep "Buddy" Evans

Today we learn about a lynching in Texas through the pages of the Miami Daily News-Record (Miami, Oklahoma) dated May 21, 1928:


Slayer Taken From Two Officers Returning Him After Jail Break

CENTER, Tex., May 21—(AP)—Ceodep (Buddy) Evans, negro, was lynched here about 7:30 o'clock this morning by a mob that took him away from two officers. He was hanged from the same limb of an oak tree in the courthouse yard where another negro was lynched about five years ago for an attack on a white woman. Evans had been charged with murder in a fatal attack on John Wheeler at Canton.

Evans was arrested April 14 at San Augustine for the Wheeler slaying and charged with murder. A speedy trial was promised. He then was brought to Center and placed in the jail for safe keeping.

Saturday at 5:30 p. m. the jailer went to the negro's cell with his evening meal. Evans knocked down the officer with a piece of pipe he had torn from the plumbing in the cell, took the jailer's keys and pistol and locked him in the cell. His escape was not discovered until just before daylight Sunday.

Posses immediately started pursuit of the negro, but did not find him until shortly before daybreak today. He was discovered by Oren Wheeler, son of the man Evans was charged with having slain. The negro fired at Wheeler, who returned the fire, wounding the negro in the leg.

Evans then was put in a truck and taken to Timpson where his wound was dressed.

Sheriff H. H. Burns and Constable Barto Giles of Timpson took charge of the negro and started back to Center with him. When they arrived at Center they were overpowered by a mob of between 200 and 300 white men, who took the negro and with little ceremony hanged him from the limb of an oak tree in the courthouse yard.

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