Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 24, 1911: Bob Jones and John Veasey

Today we learn about a lynching in Georgia through the pages of The Charlotte News (Charlotte, N. C.) dated February 25, 1911:

Mob of Two Hundred Lynch Two Negroes In Warrenton, Ga.

Bob Jones, Who Shot Conductor Thompson, And John Veasey, Another Negro, Charged With Murder, were Lynched.

Warrenton Was Quiet To-day After the Affair—Members of Lynching Party Have not Been Identified.

By Associated Press.

Augusta, Ga., Feb. 25.—Bob Jones, the negro who fatally shot Conductor W. W. Thompson, at Camak, on the Georgia railroad, Thursday night, was taken from the Warren county jail at midnight Friday by a mob of about 200 infuriated citizens and lynched.

John Veasey, another negro in the jail, who was charged with the murder of C. E. Tarham, two months ago, was also lynched.

The mob then quietly dispersed and this morning Warrenton was as quiet as a small town can be. The negro who was with Jones at the time Captain Thompson was shot has not yet been apprehended and the mob took advantage of Sheriff Brinkley's absence with his posse looking for this negro, to enter the jail nad [sic] lynch Jones and Veasey. At -- 11 o'clock this morning the two negroes were still hanging from a tree near the town, their bodies riddled with bullets.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, a prominent citizen of Warrenton, said over the long distance telephone today that the mob entered the town about midnight and with a heavy instrument pried open the door of the jail. They took the two negroes from their cells and quietly led them to the outskirts of the town. The next thing that the inhabitants heard was a fusillade of shots and then all was still. This morning the bodies of the negroes were seen swinging from limbs of the same tree.

It was stated that the mob was not composed of Warrenton citizens and Mr. Fitzpatrick stated that he did not know where they came from.

Much indignation was caused two months ago when john Veasey, one of the negroes lynched last night, is said to have murdered Mr. Tarham, a prominent citizen of Warren county.

The officials of the Georgia railway have not received any details of the affair last night, although they were informed early this morning by their agent at Warrenton that the negroes had been lynched.

The search for the other negro, who was with Jones at the time Captain Thompson was shot, continues although it is not stated what chances there are for capturing him.

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