Wednesday, April 6, 2016

October 24, 1906: Tom Crompton

Today we learn about a lynching in Mississippi through the pages of the Tyrone Daily Herald (Tyrone, Pennsylvania) dated October 25, 1906:

Negro Lynched.

New Orleans, Oct. 25.—Tom Crompton, a negro, was lynched near Centreville, Miss. It is alleged that he confessed to the murder of Ely Whitaker, a farmer. Whitaker was murdered on Wednesday, and a posse of men, suspecting foul play, searched for him. With this posse was the negro Crompton. He begged leave from the searchers to go home, but after he had gone the posse followed him, finding, it is alleged, that instead of going home he had gone to the spot where Whitaker's body lay and, cutting off the head, arms and legs with an axe, had dropped them into a sink hole near his cabin.

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