Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28, 1911: Dave Walker

Today we travel to Georgia by way of The Caucasian (Clinton, N. C.) printed November 2, 1911:

Negro Who Assassinated Georgia Merchant is Lynched.

Augusta, Ga., Oct. 28.—Dave Walker, the negro farm hand charged with the assassination of C. S. Hollenshead at Washington, Ga., to-night was taken from Sheriff Bobo on the public square and lynched. The mob has gone after another negro said to be implicated in the crime.

Washington, Ga., Oct. 28.—While seated in the light inside his store, two miles from here to-night, C. S. Hollenshead, a wealthy planter and merchant, was shot and killed by an unknown person, who fired from the darkness outside the store.

Our article of interest for today comes to us from The Richmond Planet dated October 18, 1890:

Total number persons lynched from July 26, 1887 to July 26, 1889. 202
Aug. 17 Colored man, St. Martin, La 1
Aug. 17 Colored man, Drakes Branch Va.
Aug. 30 John Turner Fayetteville, West Virginia. 1
Aug. 30 Colored boy near Boykins Depot S.C. He touched a white woman lightly with a switch. His body was riddled with bullets.
Sept 1 Colored man roasted in Wayne Co., 1
Sept 4 Colored boy near Atlanta Ga., 1
Sept 5 Colored men Leflore Co., Miss., 100
Sept 10 Frank Stack and Dave Boone Morgantown, N. C. 1
Walter Ashbury, Pooler, Ga., 1
Louis Mortimer, charged with being an accessory in murder near Clarksville, Miss.
Sol Purnell, at Winona, Miss.
Oct 2 Ransom Gordon, at Abbeville, Ga., 1
Oct. 25 Joe Harial, Columbus, Miss. 2
Oct 13 Wm. Moore, Jessup, Ga., 1
Nov. 8 Owen Anderson, Leesburg, Va., 1
Nov 21 Robert Bland, Prince George County, Va., 1
Nov. 25 Bill Hughes Abbeville, Ga., 1
Nov. 26 Colored boy, Lincolnton, Ga., 1
Dec.  Robt. Biggs, Lake View Tenn., 1
Dec. 26 Peter Johnson, Billy Hopps, Alvin Harper, Dan Jacobs, —Calvin, —Fluett, —Schuler and 3 unknown colored men at Jessup, Ga. 10
Dec. 28 Ripley Johnson, Michael Adams, Peter Bell, Rafe Norrell, Hugh Furse, Hudson Johnson, Robert Phoenix, Judge Jones, at Barnwell, S. C., 8
Feb. 28 Brown Washington, Morgan, County, Ga., 1
Bill Allen, Witherford Irving and Oscar Folks in Mercer County, W. Va., 3
Mar. 21 Robert Moseley near Huntsville Ala., 1
May 10, Ed. Bennet, at Hearne Texas. 1
May 27 Burtley Davis, at Spring Plan, Ga., 1
June 15 Geo. Swayze, at Black Creek, La., for making political speeches, 1
June 25 George Howard, Jake Ransom, Tod Flanders, at Amite La., struck for higher wages, 3
June 27 Soney Roberts, at Buffalo Springs, Va., dangerously shot without a cause, 1

Total number lynched, 394

"Shall this barbarity continue, until the God of retribution martial his strength against the barbarians?"

Thank you for joining me and as always I hope I leave you with something to ponder.

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