Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3, 1910: Bush Withers

Today our historical jaunt comes to us from The Charlotte News (Charlotte, N. C.) on the fourth of October, 1910:

Negro Brute Burned At Stake by Angry Mob Last Night

Shortly After Bush Withers, a Negro Trusty, Had Assaulted Lady in Her Home, Alabama Mob Burned Him at The Stake.

Lady in Precarious Condition—Named Assailant Before Lapsing into Insensibility—Mob was Very Orderly And Dispersed Very Soon.

By Associated Press.

Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 4.—Six hours after he had committed criminal assault upon Mrs. Hiram Stuckey, a prominent young woman of Covington county, Bush Withers, a negro "trusty," at the Henderson convict camp, was taken from the warden late last night while en route to prison at Andalusia, tied to a stake by an infuriated mob of four hundred men and burned.

Very Orderly Lynching.

The lynching was conducted in a quiet and orderly manner after which the mob, formed from adjoining towns, dispersed to their homes, leaving no traces of their fury save the ashes of the negro.

Committed Crime Yesterday.

The crime for which the negro was lynched was committed early yesterday afternoon when he went to the farm of Mr. Stuckey for the purpose of getting drinking water for his fellow convicts who were employed at a camp nearby. Entering the house it is declared the negro assaulted Mrs. Stuckey, who was alone, after which he cudgled [sic] her into insensibility in an effort to stifle her cries.

Lady in Precarious Condition.

This morning it is reported the woman is in a precarious condition with little hope of recovery. Fracture of the skull is feared.

Named Assailant.

Before lapsing into insensibility Mrs. Stuckey informed her rescuers of the assault, naming the "trusty" whom she knew, as the perpetrator of the deed. The negro was caught and hurried to the stockade at Sanford, six miles from Andalusia.

Tried to Save Prisoner.

Upon hearing rumors of a mob, Warden J. Long at 9 o'clock attempted to spirit the convict to the prison at Andalusia but was intercepted on the outskirts of the village, where his charge was taken from him, tied to a stake, shot and burned.

Was Bad Negro.

The negro was sent up from Morgan county in 1901 on a charge of robbery. Up to the time of yesterday's assault he had been regarded as a faithful employe[e] at the lumber camp and served as water boy for the convicts. He was about 30 years old.

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