Tuesday, March 22, 2016

June, 1879: John Elliott

Today we learn about a lynching in Texas through the pages of The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) dated June 13, 1879:

—John Elliott, until lately a citizen o[f] Newark, O., a few days ago murdered two men in a drunken brawl at Dallas, Tex., for which crime he was lynched. When his father died he fell heir to a small fortune, since which time he has led a terrible life, having shot two and stabbed one man in Ohio, but always by some means escaped the law. His mother, two brothers and a sister reside in Newark.

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois) dated June 12, 1879:


Special Telegram to The Inter Ocean.

NEWARK, Ohio, June 11.—A dispatch from Davenport, Texas, says:  John Elliott, a former resident of Newark, shot and killed two men in a street fight. He was immediately lynched by a mob. He shot and cut two men in Licking County while residing here.

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