Thursday, March 31, 2016

May 22, 1881: Billy Leroy and Samuel Potter

Today we learn about the lynching of a "noted robber"and his companion through the pages of The Ottawa Daily Republic (Ottawa, Kansas) dated May 24, 1881:


Lake City, Col., May 23.—The coach arriving this morning brings information of the capture of three men who robbed the coach of the mail and express and wounded Frank Bartlet. The noted robber, Billy Leroy one of the gang, would not surrender until severely wounded. They were captured in the vicinity of Powder Horn station, where the robbery was committed, about 15 miles from this city. The public excitement is very high, and the robbers have no doubt been lynched. The next coach arrives at 1 p. m., which will either bring the prisoners or the news of their deaths.

We learn about the fate of Billy Leroy through the pages of the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana) dated May 24, 1881:


DENVER, COL., May 23—The United States marshal to-day received a telegram saying that Billy Leroy and a confederate calling himself Samuel Potter, were taken to Del Norte last night. An hour after the arrival of the prisoners they were lynched by the citizens.

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