Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11, 1891: Henry Sanders

The Harrisburg Daily Independent (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) dated March 13, 1891:


Fiercely Dragged from a Sick Room and Hanged for a Vile Assault.

MILAN, Tenn., March 13.—Henry Sanders, a youth of 20 years, was lynched Wednesday night.

Christmas evening was moonlight, and Miss Angie Belton, a 16-year-old girl started to ride alone to a neighbors, where a party was being given, Sanders dragged the girl from her horse and assaulted her. She at once gave the alarm and a posse was organized. The mob, led by old Mr. Belton, rode up to Sander's house. Anticipating what would happen, the young man had fled.

Sanders went to Texas, but a short time ago, being taken ill, he quietly returned to his home. The Belton family learned this, and Wednesday night the mob again organized. It was midnight when Sanders' home, four miles North of Lavinia, was reached. The youth was dragged from his sick bed and hanged to the limb of a blackjack within 200 yards of his own home.

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