Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4, 1886: Mungall

Today we learn about a lynching in Indian Territory through the pages of the Lawrence Daily Journal (Lawrence, Kansas) dated March 6, 1886:

A Would-be Ravisher Hung.

KANSAS CITY,  March 5.—A Times Vinita, I. T., special says:  A professional exhorter named Mungall came here recently and began a series of meetings. He was quartered at the house of an Indian citizen, and slept in a room with several other members of the family. During the night Mungall made an assault upon a young orphan girl in the room, but before he could execute his purpose he was discovered and taken a prisoner. The next day a party of neighbors took him out for trial, and returned without him, saying he had "escaped."

The lynching is more fleshed out in an article found in the Indian Chieftain (Vinita, I. T.) dated March 11, 1886:

HE "ESCAPED"—A gentleman from over in the Mud Springs neighborhood, near Horse creek, brings the particulars of an affair deserving of publication, but which was slow in getting out. As told, some time ago, a preacher named Mungall, from Missouri, began holding meetings in the section named, and one night was taken home by Mr. Lamar, a well-known citizen. Mungall was given a bed with an Indian named Run-About-Pig, the room in which they slept was also occupied by an orphan girl twelve years old who lived with the family. Some time during the night when the preacher thought his companion asleep, he arose and going stealthily to the bed occupied by the little girl, clapped his hand over her mouth to prevent an outcry, and attempted an outrage upon her. The conclusion of the villain as to his bed-fellow proved incorrect, and in an instant Run-About-Pig had the old scamp in his power. After the affair had been noised about the settlement, the neighbors held a consultation and quickly decided on taking Mungall out and trying him. Accordingly the offender was taken out to the woods but in a short time the court and attendants returned with the information that the prisoner "got away from them." Whether he went up or down our informant did not know, but he seemed satisfied that Mungall would create no more disturbance in that locality.

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