Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1, 1901: John Moody

Today's feature is brought to us through the pages of The Sandusky Star-Journal (Sandusky, Ohio) dated March 1, 1901:


A Negro Hanged and Another Beaten Nigh Unto Death.

Burroughs, Ga., March 1.—John Moody, colored, was shot and hanged until dead by supposed whitecaps in the country near here. At the same time another negro whose name can not be learned was beaten severely with buggy traces and sticks. He may die. So far as learned the trouble arose from the negroes running away from contract labor after having gotten into debt.

Another article comes from The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, N. C.) dated March 14, 1901:

The Council Continues to Offer Rewards.

Atlanta, March 13.—Governor Candler to-day received a letter from the so-called "International Council of the World," with offices at 423 New York block, Seattle, Wash., informing him that the attorney of that organization had been authorized to offer a reward of $500 for the apprehension and conviction of each person implicated in the lynching of John Moody, of Bryan, Ga. Governor Candler said he had never heard of the organization and was not inclined to take the letter seriously.

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