Friday, July 15, 2016

December 7, 1891: Dick Lundy

Today's lynching was suggested by reader Cal Zium and comes to us through the pages of The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) dated December 8, 1891:



The Prison Doors Forced Open by a Mob Who Fill the Murderer With Bullets, Then Cut His Throat.

Special Telegram to THE TIMES.

COLUMBUS, S. C., December 7.

Another lynching was added to-day to the famous calendar of crime in Edgefield. Dick Lundy, colored, was shot to death in the all [sic] there to-day for the murder of James Ouzts, son of the Sheriff of the county.

Saturday night young Ouzts went to a hall where the negroes were having a hot supper. He was looking for a negro for whom he had a warrant. Without any apparent cause Dick Lundy shot Ouzts.

Lundy was arrested and put in jail. Ouzts died to-day. Hundreds of countrymen gathered in the town and lynching was looked for. Governor Tillman was apprised of the state of affairs and telegraphed Sheriff Ouzts to summon the Edgefield Rifles and to protect the prisoner at all costs. Young Ouzts was buried by the Rifles with military honor.


While the Sheriff and the company were attending the funeral a body of men forced their way into the jail, riddled Lundy with bullets and then cut his throat.

On receipt of the news to-night the Governor offered a reward of $500 for the principal lyncher and $250 for accessories. He instructed the Circuit Solicitor to proceed to Edgefield, make a searching investigation and report upon what measures were taken to prevent lynching.

The Solicitor was instructed to take a guard and make any arrests he deemed proper.


In response to the Governor's telegram, Sheriff Ouzts to-night wired the following:  "While attending the funeral of my son to-day, between 4 and 5 o'clock, a body of men forced entrance into the jail and shot and killed Lundy, who killed my son.

"I very much deplore the lynching. I had ordered the Edgefield Rifles to go to the jail at 6 o'
clock and guard it, but the lynching took place before they could get there."

Governor Tillman is very much put out over the affair, the prevention of lynching being a great hobby with him. He has had introduced in the Legislature a bill giving the power to remove Sheriffs who have prisoners lynched in their care.

Sheriff Ouzts' family have asked for a guard, and a body of soldiers are stationed at the residence.

Lundy was an ex-convict, who was sentenced to life imprisonment int he penitentiary for murdering a negro years ago. He was pardoned by Governor Thompson, after serving six years on account of ill heath.

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