Tuesday, August 16, 2016

April 24, 1882: O. M. Garrett

Today we learn about a lynching in Indiana through the pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri) dated April 24, 1882:


Special to the Post-Dispatch.

GREENSBURG, IND., April 24.—O. M. Garrett, instigator of the murder of John M. Walton at St. Paul, Ind., was taken from the Decatur county Jail and hanged to a tree by a mob. It is feared that Frazer and Mrs. Walton will meet the same fate. Garrett was acquitted of murder and rearrested on a charge of arson. Frazer is the negro who committed the crime at the instigation of Garrett, who was intimate with Walton's wife.


CINCINNATI, O., April 24.—A Times-Star Greensburg (Ind.) special says a mob of fifty masked men at 3 o'clock this morning called on the Jailor and by choking him tried to get the keys, but failed. They then knocked in the jail door, took out O. M. Garrett and hung him to a silver maple tree, ten feet from the jail, and left, after placing a placard on the body with the following:  "This is a greeting to the Jennings county jury." Garrett had been acquitted in Jennings county of complicity in the assassination of Mr. Walton by a negro named Frazer, and after acquittal arrested on another charge. There are fears that the mob will next hang Frazer and Mrs. Walton.

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  1. Donald Trump would no doubt have supported this killing. After all, he encourages violence against protectors, and has threatened Hillary with assassination if she wins, so it's not much of a leap.