Wednesday, August 24, 2016

December 1, 1886: Caesar Robinson

Today we learn about a lynching in South Carolina through the pages of The Parsons Daily Sun (Parsons, Kansas) dated December 3, 1886:

A Negro Ravisher Taken From Jail and Lynched.

COLUMBIA, S. C., Dec. 2.—C├Žsar Robinson, a negro, was lynched at Florence, S. C., last night for attempting to commit an outrage on a respectable white girl of that town. Robinson met the girl Monday morning walking on the railroad track, two miles from Florence, and was in the act of accomplishing his purpose when he was frightened away by the timely approach of a party of white boys. He was arrested yesterday and taken before his intended victim, who positively identified him, after which he was lodged in jail at Florence. Last night a large party of white men surrounded the prison.

At the same time several hundred negroes gathered in the same vicinity for the purpose of protecting the prisoner. The lynching party, however, divided their forces, one party kept the negro mob in front at bay, while the others attacked the rear end of the guard-house, effected an entrance, dragged Robinson out, hanged him to a tree in the rear, and riddled his body with bullets. The negroes fired several shots at the lynchers, but a volley from the latter dispersed the negroes in short order.

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