Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 17, 1883: Raphael Maraveles

The Chicago Daily Tribune, in its list of lynchings for the year, dated December 30, 1883 lists:

June 17—Raphael Maraveles, Mexican, murder, Los Campos, Cal.

Since today's is so short, I will also include an article from The Virginia Enterprise (Virginia, Minnesota) date March 20, 1903:

We are, and always have been, in favor of law and order, but honestly opine that a lynching or two in St. Louis county would have a more wholesome effect towards diminishing murders that a dozen legal executions.  Ten to one the parties in the brawl at Hibbing Sunday, the victim of which was buried here yesterday, never heard of the fate of Henderson, whereas a lynching on the spot would have been an object lesson long to be remembered.  In our opinion a long, tedious legal killing is more brutal than a quick and snappy exit into kingdom come at the hands of a determined people of a crime ridden community.  It is much less expensive, at any rate.—Ely Miner.

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