Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 1903: Ruben Elrod

To start, I'd like to point out that I spelled the name Ruben instead of Reuben because I found three articles about this lynching and his name was spelled Ruben in two.  This following article from The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated July 2, 1903 gave good details, but spelled his name Reuben:


White Cappers Do Bloody Work in South Carolina,

Reuben Elrod, Negro, Shot to Death and Three Women, Occupants of House With Him, Severely Whipped—No Arrests Made.

Columbia, S. C., July 1.—(Special.)—Reuben Elrod , a respectable old negro living near Piedmont, Anderson county, was shot to death in his home last night and three negro women occupants of the same house, were taken out and given severe whippings.  The women who testified at the inquest today, said that fifty white men came to the house and after killing Elrod, flogged them, warning them to leave the state.  The crime is deplored in the community.  The supposition is that the women, probably relatives of Elrod, were objectionable in the community and when the mob went to whip them  the old man interfered, and was killed.  No one has been apprehended. 

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