Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 1883: Douglass

The Independent Record (Helena, Montana) had this to say on June 28, 1883:

Hanged by a Mob.

GALVESTON, June 27.— A New's Jefferson special says:  Late last night a column of one hundred and fifty horsemen suddenly galloped up and surrounded the jail containing the negro Douglass, guilty of raping the white woman, Mrs. Rogers, for which his companion, a negro names Lacy, was lynched yesterday morning.  The deputy sheriff with guards attempted resistance, but were instantly covered by the assailants and secured.  The cell was unlocked and Douglass was pinioned and placed on a horse.  The band then quickly disappeared as quickly and mysteriously as it had arrived.  This morning, two miles from the city, Douglass was found hanging from a tree with four bullet holes in his head.

 The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) had this small bit about the affair on June 28, 1883:

JUDGE LYNCH is doing extensive business in the neighborhood  of Jefferson, Texas.  DOUGLASS, another of the negroes who outraged Mrs. ROGERS, took the same route yesterday as did LACEY, his companion in the crime.  A mob removed him from jail, strung him up to a tree and left him with four bullets in his head.

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