Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 1903: Banjo Peavy

Today's is another short one. It comes from The Arizona Republican (Pheonix, Arizona) June 9, 1903.  I found several newspapers with articles, but every one of them was the same.


He Will Never Claim It Again in the World.

A Negro Who So Far Forgot Himself as to Leave the Matter to the Arbitrament of a Bullet.

Macon, GA., June 8.--W. Cope,  Jr., whose father was one of the leading members of the Georgia bar, was instantly killed by a negro named Banjo Peavy, on the former's farm near Fort Valley, this afternoon.

The negro owed Mr. Winslow a small amount of money and was asked to work out the debt.  He refused and shot Mr. Winslow through the forehead.

Peavy was soon captured and turned over to the sheriff.  At 8:30 o'clock tonight the officer and guard were overpowered and the negro was hanged.  His body was riddled with bullets.

If you were as confused as I was when I started transcribing this, Banjo Peavy is alleged to have shot Mr. W. Cope Winslow, Jr.      

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