Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 1909: John Harvard and June 1 through November 30: Too many

Today we travel to Georgia through the pages of the Santa Cruz Sentinel  (Santa Cruz, California) dated December 2, 1909:  


Special to the "Sentinel."

ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 1.—In the little town of Cochran today a negro preacher, named John Harvard, was lynched and burned to the stake, for brutally shooting W. A. Booth, a well to do business man.

The two men met on the road, Harvard in a buggy and Booth in an automobile, when there were some words. The negro pulled out a revolver and shot Booth three times. Booth also shot the negro. Booth is not expected to live. After the shooting Harvard took refuge in an old shed, but was taken by a mob, brought to near the scene to the tragedy, bound to a stake and burned to death.

I have been writing this blog for six months. To mark this, I would like to put out names of people lynched from June 1 to November 30 through the years. I will only be adding places on unknowns, otherwise I will list the names.


Charles Whittle, Eli Owens, Townsend Cook, Finney Rainsbarger, Wans Rainsbarger, David J. Fairly, Henry Lumpkins, Samuel Dyer, Eli Dyer, John Evans, Toby Richardson, Charles Young, Turner Graham and wife, William Williamson, Peter Moore, George Morgan, George Edwards, Henry Howard, Andrew Jackson, Lizzie Jackson, Frank Hayes, Joseph Norman, William Rogers, Three horse thieves (Texas), Twelve horse thieves (Dallas, Tex.), John Martin, Benjamin Holt, William Williams, Frank Morgan, James Moore, Caleb Campbell, George Ellis, John Tibbets, Peter Vinegar, Isaac King, George Robertson, John Johnson, James Mitchell, Trinidad Charlie, Thomas Wall, Morgan Hamilton, Henry Huddleston, Nathan Lucid, Four horse thieves (Ela Bottom, Tex.), California Jim, Augustus Mentzel, Francisca Tajova, Negro (Lynchburg, Va.), Negro (Santa Rosa Co., Fla.), — Bechitel, Oliver Canfield, Jacob O'Neill, Four horse thieves (Mepau Co., Dakota), Isaac Laddy, Si Nickerson, Edward Owens, Charles Davis, Walter Davis, William Killam, Unknown Negro (Blacton Mines, Ala.), Unknown Negro (Clarendon, Ark.), W. L. Washington, Peter Better, Benjamin Hara, James M. Webb, James Walden, Andrew Grandstaff, Allen Sturgis, James Foster, — Bryson, — Robertson, — Schenck, Washington Ives, William Moore, Edward Clark, Wallace Mitchell, Chubb McCarthy, John Bisbee, Wyley Lee, Robert Herron, Nathaniel Oliphant, Patrick Cleary, Two highway robbers (Marysville, Mont.), Dick Connelly, — Huey, E. R. Reynolds, Thomas J. Loyd, John Forbes, James Devine, Charles Tennyson, Armistead Johnson, Alfred Grizzard, Andy Caldwell, Nicholas Foley, Tony Cravasson and brother, Charles Ardell, A. McKnight, John Hoch, Thomas Brown, Robert Parrent, George Warren, George Stevenson, George Prince, Jesse Poke, Rich Perry, Unknown Mexico (Tyler, Tex.), George Penner, George Swazey, Negro (Livingston, Tex.), Henry Watts, Unknown Negro (Antlers, Tex.), Andrew Roberts, John Coleman, Samuel Hummel, Alexander Campbell, Unknown Negro (Point Cenpee Parish, La.), Evan E. Shelby, Robert Clark, Ah Quong Ti, Unknown Negro (Brookhaven, Miss.), Unknown Negro (Fort White, Fla.), James Waggoner, Charles Griffin, Henry Jones, William Hartsfield, Munn Shepard, Royal Frisby, — Walker, Wick Willis, Robert Lewis, William Kaneker, Austin Porter, Charles Hill, Tobe Cook, Alexander Whitely, Anderson Moreland, J. A. Burris, Four Italians (Seattle, Wash.), John johnson, Henry Carson, Two horse thieves, Christopher Chambliss, Thomas Bates, Prince Wood, Thomas Smith, Henry Gaines, Isaac Lincoln, Samuel Bush, L. C. Dumas, William Shorter, George Williams, Unknown Cowboy (Dunseath, N. D.), James Harr, Daniel Edwards, Ernest Murphy,  Frank Ballard, Jefferson Crawford, — Hill, — Parker, Alexander McCurdy, Harry Gill, Negro (Dublin, Ga.), Thomas Underwood, Ready Murdoch, Isaac Kemp, Lewis Williams, Mark Jacobs, James Perry, Lon Hall, --scom Cook, Negro (Blackshear, Ga.), J. H. Day, Duke Thomas, Owen Opeltree, Archie Haines, Burt Haines, William Haines, Henry Capus, William Stacey, William Pinkerton, Caleb Godley, Fayette Franklin, George Linton, Edward White, John Williams, Ulysses Hayden,  James Powell, William Collins, Two unknown Negroes, (Mayo, Fla.), William Johnson, Alexander White, John Cherry, J. M. Alexander, R. W. Dawson, George Harris,  William Chandler, Frank King, John Fry, Thomas Browne, William Stokes, Thomas Bowen, Jesse Slayton, William Miles, Louis Whitehead, George I. Johnson, James Reddick, Samuel Clay, Walter Starks, Leon Orr, William Westmoreland, Joseph Cocking, Perry Young, Cecil Wayland, Unknown Negro (Trenton, Tenn.),  John Hayden, Charles Mitchell, Isaac Barrett, William Anderson, Unknown Negro (Newcastle, Tenn.), John Moses, Pary Gillam, William Street, Levi Hayden, Curtis Young, Samuel Young, George Washington, John Becker, Moses Ricks and son, Negro (Oak Ridge, La.), Caleb Gaines, Solomon Jackson, Lewis Spier, Jesse Thompson, Camp Reese, William Jackson, Charles Washington,  Hewlett, George Scott, Henry Williams, William Hill, Simon Brooks, Negro (Dunelion, Fla.), 2 Negroes (Dunelion, Fla.), Edward Gray, — Williams, David Clark, Lewis Patrick, Daniel Patrick, E. A. Young, Henry Stevens, James Black, Wiley Gann, Harrison Gillespie, James Gillespie, Unknown Negro (Newport News, Va.), Wiley Campbell,  Benjamin Gorman, Robert Dennis, David F. Wyatt, Banjo Peavey, Four Negroes (Smith Co., Miss.), Negro woman (Smith Co., Miss.), Frank Dupree, John Brown, George White, George Kincaid, Charles Jones, Jack Harris, Garfield McCoy, George McKinney, Wiley Anette, Lamb Whittle, Andrew Diggs, Arthur Thompson, — Van Horne, — Clark, T. M. Myers, — Mayfield, Maria Thompson, Ephraim Pope, Starling Dunham, Cairo Williams, Thomas Wilson, Simon Ford, Pierce Moberly, Lon J. Aycock, Richard Robinson, Lewis Robinson, Claude Elder, Richard Allen, Gene Ye-ley, Robert Harris, Sandy Price, Dag Pete, Simon Adams, — Askew, — Reese, Unknown Negro (Snead, Fla.), John Sanders, Senny Jefferson, John Brodie, Seth Cobb, S. A. Jenkins, Nat Mullens, William Woodwad, Frank Gilmore, Robert Davis, Jock Thomas, Jordan Hines, James Barco, James Davis, Wood Ambrose, Moses Hughes, Edward Watson, Unknown Negro (DeKalb, Miss.), Henry Johnson, George Hudson, Abe Johnson, Harry Johnson, Lee Fox, James W. Wilson, Mathias Jackson, Raph Dorans, Bird Cooper, Ernest Williams, Jerry Evans, William Johnson, William Manuel, Rabbit Bill McCoy, Moses Spellman, Cleveland Williams, Frank Williams, Two Unidentified Negroes (Hemphill, Tex.), Walter Wilkins, Albert Baker, Unnamed Negro (Hickox, Ga.), M. Morris, John Maxey, Tullie Simmons, Frank Samuels, Unnamed Negro (Arcadia, Fla.), William Cornaker, Albert Reese, Sylvester Shennlen, Joseph Hardy, Robert Matthews, Elmer Curl, William Hunter, Otto Mitchell, Leonard Johnson, — Jones.       

— Simons, — Turkison, George Parker, Sidney Davis, Stephen Reutrae, Unknown man (Frisco, Kas.), Bell Hailey, Porter Lovell, Charles Lockwood, Unknown Negro (Comanche Co., Tex.), Mary Hollenback, John Boggar, John Laurence, Three Negroes (Citra, Fla.), James Hathorne, Felix Williams, Perry McChristian, Bartley James, John Campbell, Howard Cooper, A Negro (Oxford, Miss.), Neil Thornton, Cicero Green, John Figuies, David Scruggs, John Maupin, Peter Stamps, Thomas M. Brantly, John Hopkins, — Sayles, James Brown, Blind Jim, William Ritter, David Cook, William Mulcahy, John Kingsbury, Martin Beckett, Mexican Frank, — Caldwell, Richard Henderson, Narcisse Laverdue, Leo Laverdue, — Hardin, Richard May, Newton Carpenter, Edward Macks, Five horse thieves (Rocky Point, Mont.), Henry Burke, Samuel Gibson, William Smith, Two horse thieves (Willows Valley, Ore.), — Felix, — Downer, Five horse thieves (Cottonwood, Mont.), Daniel Oliver, Henry Hamilton, Lolly Robinson, John Christianson, Unknown Negro (Lake Nest (I. T.), Oscar M. Kelly, Ross Griffiths, Hong Di, John Thomas, James Kuhn, William Johnson, John Vanderford, Lee Shellenberger, George Washington, Richard Hoover, Lloyd Martin, Reuben J. Hudson, Reuben Cole, Calvin Moody, Colored man (New River Bridge, Pa.), Robert Bryan, Frank Stone, Joseph Torney, William Smith, John Humphrey, Eli Bryant, Lee Elmer, Bruce Younger, Fremont Emmons, Unknown Negro (Irwinville, Ga.), An Indian (Gravity, Ia.), Martin Love, Felix Keyes, Prince Luster, Henry Davis, H. A. Man---, Swan Bures, Peter Willis, Three Negroes (Clinton, Miss.), James Averill, Ella Watson, Two horse thieves (Kelly, N. M.), Daniel Malone, John Carter, George Lewis, James Kelly, Joseph Chacha, George Lindley, Thomas Talbot, Patrick Henry, A Negro (Lebanon, Va.), James Harmon, John Jones, Green Jackson, Andy Young, F. M. B. Cook, Unknown Negro (Riverton, Ala.), Unknown Negro, (Arcadelphia, Ala.), William Hawkins, William Gates, Daniel Buck, — Thompson, Henry Centry, Robert Brown, Calvin Brown, James Bailey, Wallace Douglass, Samuel Gillespie, Frank Rossimus, Frank Dice, Benjamin Walling, John Darmer, Mack Brown, Samuel Pulhani, William Johnson, John Granger, Joseph Clancy, John Brown, Jesse Underwood, Thomas Lillard, Negro (Wynne, Ark), Robert Donnelly, Smith Tooley, John L. Adams, Unknown Negro (Jasper, Ala.), Edgar Jones, Henry McDuffie, Edward Prater, William Anderson, J. R. Redferin, Julian Moseley, Doc Davis, Unknown Negro (Jesup, Ga.), John Ruggles, Charles Ruggles, J. h. Wynne, Lee McDaniels, Andy Beshears, John Willis, Eugene Baker, Two Unknown Negroes (Poplar Head, La.), Charles F. Miller, Robert Larkin, Henry Fleming, Allen Butler, M. Jazo, Warren Dean, Unknown Negro (Briarfield, Ala.), John Cotton, Meredith Lewis, Dub Mectze, Charles Martin, Negro (Branford, Fla.), Lee Walker, Nicoli Arata, — Handy, Isaiah Harper, Edward Bill, William Thompson, Thomas Preston, Handy Kaigler, Negro (Wingo, Ky.), William Steen, Joseph Johnson, Raple Hills and son, Unknown man (Bush Creek, Neb.), George Pond, — Hood, Lewis Bankhead, James Bell, Augustus Pound, James Nelson, Unknown Negro (Biloxi, Miss.), William Bell, Louis Lafardette, Edwin Traughber, Marion Howard, John Brownlee, Allen Myers, William Griffith, Unknown woman (Sampson Co., Miss.), Vance McClure, William Tyler, Two horse thieves (Guthrie, Ok.), Abithal Colston, Mollie Smith, Samuel Chandler, Marshal E. Pice, Robert Bennett, Theodore Puckett, Howlet Howton and son, Two Negroes (Hampton, Ark.), Robert Huggard, Ira Jackson, Andrew Thomas, Mrs. Abe Phillips, Hannah Phillips, Abe Phillips, Jr., Edward Phillips, Benjamin Johnson, K. D. Taylor, Unknown woman (Brenham, Tex.), Ovide Belzaire, Thomas Johnson, Victor Adams, Charles Burwell, Squire Loftin, Sidney Randolph, Jacob Williams, Nimrod Cross, Unknown Negro (Lincoln Co., S. C.), James Porter, Monk Dualey, Courtney Kendrick, Three Unknown horse thieves (Reagan, I. T.), Frank James, Daniel Dicks, Isaac McGee, Martin Crawford, Gidfrey Gould, James Thomas, Erastus Brown, Atticus Thompson, Anthony Williams, — Terrill, W. L. Ryder, Mouse, James Daniel, James Speaks, Oscar Williams, Ephraim Brinkley, — Edmonson, James Gray, Jack Davis, — Crownover, — Beach, James Sellers,  Goode Gray, Wesley Gould, John H. James, Sidney Johnson, James Redd, Alexander Johnson, William Patterson, Allie Thompson, Bud Brake, Abe Brown, Unknown Negro (Iola, Tex.), Si Smith, George Jones, Harry Magee, Charles Defatta, Frank Defatta, Sy Defferoch, Joseph Defatta, Frank Embree, Louis Sammin, Two unknown Negroes (Safford, Ga.), Fish Head Gus, Washington Johnson, Chick Davis, Unknown Negro (Perkinston, Miss.), Charles Mack, Henry Novels, Unknown Negro (Leesburg, Ga.), Henry Hamilton, Stanley Hayes, Unknown Negro (lynched due to mistaken identity in Lindsay, La.), William Ody, Joshua Anderson, Two Negroes (Cross Roads, Miss.), Peter Jackson, Rudolph Clements, William Carroll, Two Negroes (Womelsdorf, W. V.), Arthur McCauley, Unknown Negro (Buff Springs, Fla.), John Wise, Charles Craven, Charles Evans, Two unknown Negroes (Norway, S. C.),       Reuben Elrod, John Osbourne, Cato Jarrett, Edward Claus, William Thacker, — Adams, James Gorman, J. P. Walters, Dennis Head, Jesse Butler, Crane Green, John Gilbert, Unknown Negro (Cat Island, Ark.), Mooney Allen, J. D. Mayfield, Jennie Steers, Unknown Negro (Alto, Tex.), John Jones, John Taylor, Unknown Negro (Miss.), Jesse Tucker, Unknown Negro (Shreveport, Ky.), John Larramore, Doc Peters, James Woodman, Lon Beard, Frank Mason, Henry Harris, Unknown Negro (Avery, Tex.), John Roe, Henry Jefferson, John Jennings, Elijah Clark, Jack Hillsman, Unknown Negro (New Orleans, La.), Silas Jackson, Robert Charles, Unknown Negro (Chickasaw, I. T.), William Anderson, Edward Pearson, Unknown Negro (Junction City, Ark.), John Black, William Reagin, Floyd Carmichael, Dock Posey, George Herbert, Frank Bailey, Frederick Wilson, Andrew Trice, Two Negroes (Lake Co., Tenn.), James Reed, Samuel Washington, Hugh Jones, Unnamed Negro (Beaumont, Tex.), Three Unnamed Negroes (Jonesville, La.), Tad Smith, Leander Shaw, Alonzo William, Unnamed Negro (Ga.), King Green, Albert Lawson, One Time Thomas, Emilio Antoine, Samson Anderson, Robert Coleman, Samuel Field, Henry McKenny, Unnamed Negro (Rodney, Tex), Samuel Powell, Carl Etherington, Samuel McIntosh, J. D. Freeman, Henry Gentry, Evan Ralent, Two unnamed Negroes (Boniface, Fla.), Laura Porter, Unnamed Negro (Cairo, Ga.).     


Thomas Hobbs and son, Columbus White, James Moore, John Shorts, William Dunn, Eliza Woods, William Watkins, John Nelson, Leander Nelson, Three Negroes (McNutt Lake, La.), Garland A. Mann, Henry Davis, Henry D. Benner, Ross Halls, Albert Lockie, Bish Emberton, Richard Spearman, Daniel Blakeney, John Mills, John Turner, — Rymer, — Gibbon, Leonard Coker, — Savage, — James, Frank Lane, C. B. Hawley, L. V. Grimes, John Fitzhugh, Harrison Mickey, Juan Costillo, John McHugh, Three horse thieves (Utah), Nine horse thieves (Montana), Green McCullough, Louis A. Knott, John Johnson, John Howard, Luciano Dillios, Leonard Boyd, George Evans, Boyd Martin, Charles Williams, Thomas Scott, James Reynolds, Daniel Pleasant, James Reynolds, Jerry White, Unknown Negro (Wilson Co., N. C.), John Myrich, Eugene Hairston, W. H. Handley, Amos Miller, Frank Gallop, Robert Brown, James Stott, James Scott, Jeff Wilson, William Nayler, Louis Nayler, Noah Griffin, William Cole, Two Negroes (Sylvarena, Miss.), Pony Poe, Benjamin Smith, James Brooks, Keith Bowen, Frederick Lashman, Walter Asbury, Sherman Lewis, John Turner, Thomas Harris, John Brown, Unknown Negro (Anderson, Tex.), William Beaver, Isaac Cook, Frank Hurgus, Two Unknown Negroes (Mexico, Tex.), Charles Pratt, Henry Parish, John Henderson, Thomas Woodward, James Wilson, Henderson Fox, William Anderson, Ella Williams, William Williams, Willis Lowe, Eliza Lowe, Ray Porter, Charles Hawkins, Lucius Andrews, Lee Quan, William Lewis, Andy Ford, James Dudley, William Owens, Charles Milligan, Loeb Sanders, Allen Carter, Robert Jordan, Port Magee, Logan Murphy, Three highwaymen (Nason creek, Wyo.), Fransisco Torres, , — Bowles, Benjamin Howard, Dennis Blackwell, Solomon Stewart, John Jessey, Henry Reynolds, Felix Poole, Two Negroes (Franklin Parish, La.), Negro (McCreary, Ark.), Daniel Lewis, James Taylor, John Chambers, Richard Drummond, Unknown Negro (Branford, Fla.), Kirt Chambers, Lee James, Dug Hamilton, Monroe Smith, An Indian (Kalispel, Mont.), Charles Walton, Negro tramp Paducah, Ky.), Charles Tait, John Wilson, Charles Tart, Jacob Davis, Leonard Taylor, Unknown Negro (Yarborough, Tex.), Anderson Holliday, William Nershbred, Marshall Boston, W. S. Thompson, James Mason, Mrs. James Mason, Unknown Negro (Delta Co., Tex.), William Harris, Samuel Vinson, Charles Vinson, Emmett D--ers, Eldderly brothers, Samuel Lewis, Noah Anderson, James Jones, Unnown Negro (Wharton, Tex.), Lawrence Johnson, William Null, Louis Moreno, Harland Seemler, Harrison Lewis, Jefferson Cole, Isadore Morley, William Hunter, Louis P. Mullens, Hiram Weightman, Lorenzo Saladino, Decimo Socero, Angelo Marcuso, Benjamin Gay, Esseck White, John Gordon, Rev. Capt. Jones, George Wilson, Unknown tramp (Mannheim, Ill.), Unknown Negro (Apalachicola, Fla.), John E. Nowlin, Unknown man (Skaguay, Alaska), Eleany Sullivan, Andrew Green, William Wyatt, Edward Williams, — Bonner, Wesley Johnson, Jack Pharr,  Daniel Ogg, John Meadows, Richard Thurmond, Manse Castle, Dennis Ricord, Rilla Weaver, William Saunders, William Nall, Mulloch Walker, Unknown Negro (Americus, Ga.),  Solomon Jones, Taylor Kirk, Louis Henderson, Benjamin Thompson, Echo Brown, Unknown Negro (Jasper, Fla.), William Wilson, William McClure, Man Singleton, William Chambers, Charles Hunt, Peter Louin and son, Lee Newton, Alonzo Williams, Harry Benton, Charles Salyers, Harry Gates, John McDaniel, Charles Johnson, Thomas Jones, Joseph Labarge, John Brown, Two unknown Negroes (Lewisburg, Tenn.), William Hamilton, Unknown man (Duhyer, Mont.), Andrew Dudley, Edmund Bell, Paul Reed, William Cato, Albert Rogers and son, Rufus Les-ere, James Glover, — Scott, Joseph Martin, Sebastian McBride, Joseph Bumpass, Oscar Turner, Two unknown Negroes (Stephens, Ark.), Edward Lewis, Kid George, Sank Majors, Thomas Williams, Unknown Negro (La.), Henry Young, Oliver Latt, John Moore, Jack Betts, Nease Gillespie, John Gillespie, Jack Dillingham, Robert Davis, Robert Etheridge, John Bapes, William Spain, Alfred Shaufulet, Thomas Hall, William Clifford, Louis Higgins, John Lipsey, Virgil Jones, Thomas Jones, Robert Jones, Joseph Riley, Andrew Harris, William Miller, Charles Lokie, Scott Burton, Moses Jackson, George Donigan, Vance Williams, George Johnson, John Williams, George Johnson, Wallace Miller, Unnamed Negro (Moorehouse Parish, La.), William Robinson, William Way, Benjamin Clark, John Sweeney, H. Clark, John Sweeney, Four unnamed Negroes (Boniface, Fla.), William Wallace, James Tabor, Joseph Buckley.            


Unknown Negro (Waycross, Ga.), — Wilkerson, Bowman Paxton, L. F. Symmes, Stephen Flowers, George Crenshaw, Leo Sellers, Charles Williams, Ford brothers, James Lee, Pink Lee, Richard Scales, — Gonzales, Henry Dillard, Leon Cockrill, David Woods, Nicholas Snowden, Dr. A. W. Powers, Five Chinese (Pierce City, Idaho), David Anderson, John Guildy, Jerry Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, Lee Tyson, John Pattishill, Marshall Clements, Unknown Negro (Dallas, Tex.), Wilson Wade, Nathan Bonnet, Augustus Knight, Edward Thomas, Jerry Owens, Swift Bill, S. V. McKersor, Phelps Burr, Eugene Burr, Henry Zorgoniwiski, An Indian (Cheney, W. T.), George Johnson, Matthew Orten, Jones Jackson, William R. Taylor, Frank Jones, Three horse thieves (Poplar River, Mont.), — Short, Richard Taylor, Andrew Casseis, Monroe Williams, Thomas Johnson, William Smith, Charles Coleman, Unknown Negro (Concordia, La.), Monroe Johnson, John Baker, Archie Cook, Henry Tanner, John Tanner, Alonzo Smith, William Lewis, Thomas Reese, Curtis Shortney, — Wise, John P. Salet, — Dideare, Lewis Davis, Two unknown Negroes (Montevallo, Ala.), Warren Powers, George Burke, John Sigmond, Richard Fisher, George Allen, The Hall brothers, Frank Stack, Davis Boone, John Davis, Louis Mortimer, Samuel Garner, John Steel, Thomas Smith, John Rogers, Stephen Crump, George Bolter, Andrew Murrell, Two Unknown Tramps (Maybee Station, Mich.), Three cattle thieves (Custer Co., Mont.), William Allen, James Sims, Unknown Negro (Arcadia, La.), Mack Bess, James H. Gilliland, Josiah Gilliland, Anton Siebolt, Hezekiah Rankin, Charles Mock, Louis Stevenson, Grant White, Two Unknown Negroes (Georgiana, Ala.), Lee Bailey, John Wilcoxsen, John Walker, William Armor, John Ransom, Edward Laurent, Gabriel Magiorie, Negro (Waldo, Fla.), Jesse Williams, Samuel Dixon, Thomas N. Allison, James Thompson, James Patton, Negro (Paris, Tex.), — Harrison, Judge Short, William Sullivan, J. W. Smith, Judge McNeal, William Arkison, Unknown Negro (Centerville, Ala.), Benjamin Jackson, Frank Smith, John Williams, Benjamin Jackson, Mahala Jackson, Louisa Carter, W. A. Haley, Rufus Beagley, Paul Hill, Paul Archer, Emma Fair, William Jackson, Jesse Mitchell, Redmond Burke, Val--n Julian, Bazie Julian, Paul Julian, John Willis Julian, A. You-----, Negro (Tex.), R--- G-l-a-, Thomas Smith, Five Indians (Caddo, I. T.), — --atcher, Calvin Steward, Henry Coleman, Herman B-----, Daniel Hawkins, Robert Haynes, Warner Williams, Edward Hall, John Hayes, Graham White, — Bourke, Link Waggoner, James Smith, Robert Williams, In Ki Wish, David Gooseby, James Darcey, Luke Washington, Richard Washington, Henry Cobryson, Unknown horse thief (Lincoln, Ok.), Unknown Negro(Simpson Co., Miss.), William Butcher, Jerry Johnson, Aaron Freeman, Doc King, Wesley Wingfield, Lum Wood, William Caldwell, John Thomas, Unknown Negro (Danceville, Ark.), William Smith, Felician Francis, William Archer, Thomas Larkin, Two tramps (Glencoe, Minn.), Thomas White, James McCauly, Lem Warren, B. S. Morris, Elmer Coax, Charles Harris, Anthony Johnson, Alexander Hawkins, John Fitch, Harris Boone, Unknown Negro (Excel, Ala.), Benjamin Teott, Unknown Negro (Robray, Ark.), Henry Wall, William G. Martin, Charles Gibson, Lyle Levi, Robert Andrews, Clifford Gordon, William Jenkins, Heine Shuber, D. T. Watson, Two cattle rustlers (Moreau River, S. D.), Unknown man (Skaguay, Alaska), Raymond Bushrod, William Stern, John Williams, George Burton, Benjamin Jones, Lee Puckett, Albert Anderson, John Williams,  Unknown Negro (Ga.), William Otis, Manny Price, Robert Scruggs, Hog Wilson, Edward Brown, Jesse Walker, William Mobley, Alonzo Tucker, Thomas Clark, George Jones, William Williams, Chinaman (Tonopah, Nev.), — Hellem, Allen Small, Unknown Negro (Wigham, Ga.), Oscar L. Tucker, Unknown Negro (Crossett, Ark.), Washington Bradley, Horace Maples, John Allison, John Ware, Jack Troy, Edward Marshall, —Holbert and wife, Unknown Negro (Waterloo, S. C.), — Rees, Arthur Woodward, Talcum Woodward, Stephen Davis, William James, John McDowell, Allen Pendelton, Frank Brown, Unknown Negro (Forest City, N. C.), Thomas J. Amos, Grant Welly, Logan Reems, Zed Floyd, Frank Brown, David Moore, William Brown, Unknown Negro (Arrington, Va.), George Bickham, Nathaniel Bowman, Charles Elliott, Isaiah Rollins, Unknown Negro (South Pittsburg, Tenn.), Two Negroes (Laurel, Miss.), Charles Miller, Mitchell Frazier, Jerry Johnson, Moses Dossett, John Towne, Lawson Patton, Daniel Newton, John Miles, Charles Jones, George Thomas, Joshua Balaam, Lewis Balaam, Henry Hill, John Spencer, Unnamed Negro (Bellamy, Tex.), Two Unnamed Negroes (Sandy Point, Tex.), Charles Anderson, Nicholas Thompson, Edward Christian, Hattie Bowman,  Two unnamed Negroes (Clark Co., Ga.), William Sharp, Robert Bruce Isaac Glover, Castenego Ticoretta, Angelo Albano. 


F. L. Harris, — Buckly, R. P. Wallace, Thomas Israel, Thomas Farrar, John F. McLees, Henry Wildman, Aleck Washington, Matthew Washington, Three Negroes (Pickens Co., Ala.), John Remer, Lot Remer, James Hayper, — Page, — Moore, Si King, — Mehane, — Huntley, Benjamin Little, SAmpson Harris, Two horse thieves (Sycamore Creek, Ark.), Frederick Hollar, Robert Doxey, — Churchill, — Ward, John Thompson,  James Rodes, John Brooks, Hume Redman, J. H. Copp, Charles Hurbur, J. B. Archuletta, Richard Flechsig, F. M. Hendershot, — Esteridge, Nathaniel Mitchell, — Scott, — Davis, James Costello, Three horse thieves (Glendive, Mont.), J. R. Dorsey, Jane Ward, Charles McLane, Four Negroes (St. Tammany Parish, La.), Three horse thieves (Prinville, Ore.), Swiss farm laborer (St. Helens, Neb.), 17 cattle thieves (Georgetown, Colo.),  Five rancheros (Starr Co., Tex.), George Duff, Charles Coon, Robert Duff, — Leech, — Traynor, Unknown man (Oakes, I. T.), Amer Green, Perry King, Drew Green, Samuel Cornwell, — Hickman, Aaron Bean, John Kirkland, Alfred Williams, William Johnson, Lewis Edwards, Joseph Joiner, Nathan Nathaniel, F. M. Adams, — Dutchie, Henry Jones, John Duncan, — Stark, Robert Biggs, William Moore, Robert Berrier, Unknown Negro (Lake Cormorant, Miss.), Joseph Harold, Green McCoy, Milton Haley, Ernest Humphreys, Frank Wosten, James Williams, Two Negroes (Barton Co., Ga.), — Polasco, Benjamin Patterson, Edward Peyton, John Brown, Joseph Coe, Samuel Wright, James Scott, Robert Barton, William Martin, John Russ, Leo Green, Miss.), Alexander Bell, Benjamin Walker, Two Desperadoes (Copiah Co., Miss.), Two horse thieves (Casper, Wyo.), Burrell Jones, Moses Jones, Two colored men (Monroeville, Ala.), J. S. Bedford, Dab Burch, Eight horse thieves (Deer Flat, Idaho), An Indian (Ash Fork, Ariz.), James Courtney, James Wilson, Allen Parker, Geroge McWadds, John Davis, William Lacey, David Jackson, Highwayman (Putnam, Wash.), William Richards, James Dickson, Edward Jenkins, John Gamble, Two Negroes (----point, La.), Berry Rich, Henry Gibson, Alexander Richardson, Oscar Morton, Willis Griffey, — Williams, Edward Martin, John Littlefield, Neal Smith, Tobe McGrady, William Henderson, Floantina Suitta, Eugene Vanoy, Jeff Ellis, Daniel E. Young, William Blake, John Umbra, Mexican John, John Henderson, Henry Hilliard, Charles Williams, Louis Hamilton, James Anderson, Henry Cyat, Two unknown Negroes (Toadvine, Ala.), George Harris (Meeker, Colo.), William Smith, Charles Jones, Henry Milner, Negro (Sunnyside, Miss.), John Hollinghead,  William Oliver, Peb. Falls, Washington Ferran, Frank Johnson, Henry Crower, Robert Carter, Thomas Parker, Douglas Bolte, William Williams, — Cole, Juan Madera, Peter Johnson, Wright Smith, Arch Bauer, John Anderson, James Mackie, Luther Sullivan, Unknown Negro (Lafayette, Ala.),  Basil Laplace, James L. Smith, Joseph Laflore, John Goosby, George Mills, Utt Duncan, Garfield Burley, Curtis Browne, Unknown Negro (Calcasieu Parish, La.), Charles Young, Unknown Negro (Estabuchie,Miss.), Joseph Wesley, Reddick Barton, Benjamin Brown, Walker Davis, Edward McCollum, Samuel Williams, Walter Jackson, Thomas Hall, Unknown Negro (Cordele, Ga.), George Kennedy, William McAlpin, Unknown Negro (Hattiesburg, Miss.), John Morrison, — Rivers, Moses Weaver, George W. Blount, Thomas Seabright, John James, Luther Billings, Frank Leavell, Tok Seabright, Virgil Bowers, Augustus Goodman, Winfield Townsend, — Williams, Fratur Warfield, Miley Johnson, Frank Hardeman, Gloster Barnes, James Guer, James Callaway, — Abernathy, Richard Robinson, Henry Peters, Unknown Negro (Basin, miss.), H. Blackburn, Anthony Davis, Daniel Dove, Thomas Crompton, Slab Pitts, George Eates, William Burns, William Jackson, James Shoots, George Robinson, Henry Sykes, John Wilks, — Meyer, Charles German, David Wallace, wife and two children, Benjamin Price, Dee Dawson, William Fuller, Frank Johnson, Joseph Davis, Frank Davis, Henry White, W. J. Jackson, Nicholas Hector, — Stover, R. E. Taylor, Quenton Rankin, Goerge Cook, Aps Ard, Michael Rodriquez, Four Unnamed Negroes (Miss.), Joseph Gifford, Alexander Hill, Bush Withers, Unnamed Negro (Pelham, N. C.), Unnamed Negro (McFall, Ala.), Grant Richardson, John Dell, Unnamed Negro (Huntington, W. V.).    


—Hewey, John Hart, Samuel Purple, Andrew J. Mullegan, T. Powell, Charles Dinwiddie, John Davis, Three Negroes (Franklin Co., Miss.), Seven highwaymen (Indian Territory), — Rouse, — Thompson, Noah Cherry, Irwin Grubb, Three hunters (Jonesboro, Ark.), Alexander Etheridge, George H. Keach, Henry Mason, William Harris, Two men (Vienna, La.), Negro (Bigbee Valley, Miss.), John Watson, Charles Mitchell, — Waddell, — Veagh, — Cook, Armistead Williams, George Briscol, — Ravenwood, — Bates, — Gardapee, George Hart, Aaron Jones, Two unknown men (Louisiana, Mo.), John H. Bijus, Frank McCutcheon, William Williams, a Negro (Bramwell, W. V.),Archibald Pelon, Davis Raisant, a Negro (Donaldsonville, La.), William Arnold, Jerry Taylor, John Jones, Owen Anderson, John Thomas, Standford brothers, George Washington, John Anthony, Unknown Negro (Hazelhurst, Miss.), Joseph Gebhardt, Unknown Negro (Vidalia, La.), Robert Bland, Joseph A. Smith, Hans Jacob Olsen, Owen Jones, William McGregory, Edward Stevens, Henry Smith, Sandy Wallace, John Simmons, Unknown Negro (Baton Rouge, La.), Larkin Nix, J. T.Smith, W. S. Felton, William Rice, John Hagle, Joseph Mitchell, Two Negroes (Burnham, Tex.), William Black, Daniel Gladney, Nathaniel Hadley, George Mixy, — Jones, Arthur Rainsey, The Burgess brothers, Son and daughter of John Hastings, John Hastings, James Tolbert, Henry Planz, William Burnett, Michael Brown, George Hanks, Duncan McFatten, Gester Scott, Nathan White, Commodore True, Richard Magee, — Carmichael, Abraham Redmond, Edward Wagner, William Wagner, Samuel Motlow, — Motlow, Jaspar Gordon, Robert Kennedy, Henry Boggs, Three Negroes (Lake City Junction, Fla.), — Nelson, Horse thief (Ok.), F. O. Johnson, Newton Jones, Unknown man (Roscoe, Mo.), Lee Lawrence, Gabe Nails, Ulysses Nails, Charles A. Williams, Lawrence Younger, Needham Smith, Robert Mossley, Unknown colored man (Landrum, S. C.), Albert England, Lewis Jefferson, James Bowens, Two Negroes(Henderson, Ky.), Negro (Madison Co., Tex.), Charles Hurd, L. W. Perdue, John Richards, Thomas Watts, Unknown Negro (Calvert City, Ky.), Balam Hancock, John Yarborough, Cad Smith, Joseph Robinson, Ozias McCahey,  Charles Allen, — Williams, Mims Collier, Samuel McDonald, Alfred Daniels, Alec Coudot, Paul Holy Track, Philip Ireland, Henry Phillips, Joshua Ruff, Thomas Sweat, Silas D. Fargo, Hicks Price, Nathan Willis, William Connell, Henry Abrams, Arthur Williams, F. W. Stewart, Hampton McKinney, Jesse Williams, Drayton Williams, Rose Etheridge, Jeff Darling, Benjamin Collins, Essex Harrison, Charles Morrell, Eliza Goode, John Smartt, Edward Merriweather, Three Negroes (Meridian, Miss.), Negro (New Madrid, Mo.), Thomas Hayden, Albert Sloss, William Huff, West Lawrence, Unknown Negro (Jackson, Ga.), Unknown Negro (Darling, Miss.), Samuel Harris, John Davis, Harlan Buckles, John Youngblood, Unknown Negro (Summit, Miss.), James Dillard, Elijah Wells, Joseph Lamb, Joseph Craddock, Henry Johnson, Samuel Adams, Z. C. Cadle, Charles Young, Charles Nelson, John Fagler, Philip Davis, Walter Carter, Clinton Thomas, John Reece, Robert Askew, Unknown Negro (Henderson, Tex.), David Sims, Munsie Williams, Kit Nabors, Three Negroes (Jefferson, Tex.), Preston Porter, Spencer Williams, Jet Hicks, Unknown Negro (Madison, Fla.), William Harvis, Mark Davis, Anton Domingo, Unknown Negro (Hot Springs, Ark.), Abram Sumroll, Henry Lucas, Frederick Quigleton, Alexander Johnson,  Newt Saunders, William Hodges, Henry Leidy, Marshal Stinebach, Edward Stinebach, Tennes Stinebach, Charles Lewis, William Jones, Henry Salzner, James Estes, Ray Rolston, Morgan Chambers, Henry Rachel, Antonio Rodriguez, John Walker, William Barnes, Unnamed Negro (Manford, Ok.), Flute Clark, Richard Lowe, Robert Matthews, Mack Neal.

This is by no means a complete list. I could have gone further, but after two days of looking at names I am exhausted and therefore chose to stop at 1910. I will add to the list at a later date. Thank you for joining me and as always, I hope I leave you with something to ponder.  

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