Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18, 1914: Will Jones

Today's article comes from The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated December 19, 1914:


Fort Deposit, Ala., December 18.—Will Jones, a negro recently from Rome, Ga., this morning was lynched by a mob of infuriated citizens and his body riddled with bullets. After his capture he confessed to attempting criminal assault on Miss Olie Mae Sullivan, a high school student here.

Miss Sullivan was awakened during the night by an intruder in her room who disappeared through an open window. This morning tracks of stockened feet were found in the fresh red mud and these led to the house where Jones was found. His sox were found covered with red mud. He confessed the attempted assault, and was placed in a buggy to be carried to Hayneville for safe keeping. Half a mile from town the mob overpowered the guards, hanged the negro and then riddled the body with bullets.

A coroner's jury, which made an investigation, returned the usual verdict of "party or parties unknown."

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