Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30, 1892: Charles Kelly and John Hipp

The Sandusky Register (Sandusky, Ohio) dated December 31, 1892:

Two Men Hung by a Mob.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Dec. 30—When the citizens of Greenville arose this morning they saw two dead bodies dangling from above the court house steps. Late last night two strangers went to Jailor Hill Bergainer's house, and arousing him told him they had a prisoner. He went with them to the jail where he was met by a mob of 100 armed and masked men who were hidden behind a fence with drawn pistols. They demanded the keys, which Bergainer surrendered. The cells of John Hipp and Charles Kelly, the alleged murderers of Tax Collector C. J. Armstrong, of Butler county, were opened and both men were taken out in their night clothes and hurried to the court house yard with ropes about their necks. Without being allowed time to pray they were hanged above the court house steps. The mob then quietly dispersed. The verdict of the jury is that the men were hanged by unknown persons.

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