Tuesday, June 30, 2015

April, 1893: Thomas Tarpley

Today we learn about a lynching by white caps through the The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana) dated April 26, 1893:


Tom Tarpley, Warned to Leave the Locality, Failed To Obey.

PULASKI, Tenn., April 25.—Tom Tarpley, of Verona, was notified by White Caps two weeks ago to leave the locality, or he would be hanged. He disregarded the threat, and at the end of the time mysteriously disappeared. Diligent search was made for him, but no trace could be found, and it was concluded he had obeyed the order at the last moment.

A day or two ago, while Joe Tillman was squirrel-hunting near Berlin, which is not far from Verona, he was walking through the woods looking up into the trees, when he came face to face with Tarpley, apparently standing erect. He soon saw that Tarpley had been hanged and dead for some time. The stretching of the rope and his body had let his feet to the ground. The White Caps had executed their threat.

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