Wednesday, June 10, 2015

February 7, 1904: Luther Holbert and wife

Today we read a very unusual article on a lynching in Mississippi through the pages of The Broad Ax (Chicago, Illinois) dated February 13, 1904:

More than one thousand Christians of Doddsville, Miss., mobbed and lynched Luther Holbert and his wife last Sunday, and then burned their bodies at the stake. It seems that Holbert and James Eastland, a white planter, had a quarrel, and the latter ordered the former to leave his plantation, then the shooting of Eastland by Holbert occurred; at that point more white men joined in the shooting and several other Negroes were killed by Eastland and his posse; finally Holbert and his wife, who took no part in the shooting, attempted to escape from the plantation, but for four days they were chased across four counties with man-eating bloodhounds, and when they were captured a thousand gentlemen, who are ever ready to boast of their superiority over the Negro, riddled their bodies with bullets and burned them at the stake. We must bear it in mind that Holbert and his wife were not charged with "raping white women," and the killing of Mrs. Holbert for the acts of her husband, reminds us of the Irishman who wanted to kill every black-whiskered man he came in contact with for no other reason than that he heard that several thousand years ago a Jew with black whiskers turned against his Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Another article comes to us from the Hopkinsville Kentuckian (Hopkinsville, Kentucky) dated February 9, 1904:


Mississippi Mob's Fearful Work Near Doddsville.

Man and Woman Lynched After Race War Costing Eight Lives.

Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 7.—Luther Holbert and his wife, negroes, were burned at the stake at Doddsville, Miss., to day by a mob of over 1,000 persons for the killing of James Eastland, a prominent white planter and John Carr, a negro, on Wednesday morning at the Eastland plantation, two miles from this city.

The burning of Holbert and his wife closes a tragedy which has cost eight lives, has engaged 200 men and two packs of bloodhounds in a four days chase across four counties, and has stirred this section of Mississippi to such a state of excitement as it has never experienced in its history.

The following are the dead:

Luther Holbert and wife, negroes burned at the stake by mob.

James Eastland, white planter, killed by Holbert.

John Carr, negro, killed by Holbert.

John Winters, negro, killed by Eastland.

Three unknown negroes, killed by posses.

The killing of Eastland, Carr and Winters occurred Wednesday morning at Eastland's plantation. Holbert and Winters were in Carr's cabin when Eastland entered and ordered Holbert to leave the plantation.

A difficulty ensued in which it is alleged that Holbert opened fire on Eastland, fatally wounded him and killed Carr, Eastland returned the fire and killed Winters.

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