Monday, June 1, 2015

Today is the one year anniversary since I started this blog, and I have successfully completed my goal of finding a lynching for every day of the year. Finding a lynching was not too difficult, but occasionally finding information about a lynching was. Starting tomorrow, I plan on featuring a lynching every day that was not caused by a claim of rape. I have chosen to do this because rape was the main reason given as to why lynching was necessary (to protect women). Today I am not featuring a lynching, but instead I have listed names of people lynched in the months of December through May. These names mainly cover the years 1882 through 1913, and by no means are a complete list of everyone lynched. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you will continue to learn about these victims with me. 


Adam Gripson, Lewis Fox, David Lee, Thomas Robinson, William Cephas, Wesley Andrews, George W. Fraley, James Fraley, Negro (rape, GA), Thomas Kerr, Unknown man (murder, TX), Lewis Jackson, Four Negroes (murder, TX), Caesar Robinson, Buck Hunter, George Parks, Monroe Smith, James Howard, Factor Jones, Richard Bullock, Frank Sanders, William Mussell, John Eloa, Robert Beasly, Raymond Murphy, Three Mexicans (murder, TX), Perry Reilly, Negro (murder, AR), Charles West, Claxton Dekle, Frank Noyes, Samuel Fowler, Thomas Robinson, Samuel Wilson, John Lee, Andy Jackson, Thoedore Baker, Alexander Reed, Michael O'Brien, Monroe Harris, Joseph Tribble, Charles Taylor, Adam Charles, Andy Miller, William Smith, Cecili Barrea, Vivian Diez, Andrew Edwards, Two Negroes (rape, FL), George Green, Three Highwaymen (AZ), Thomas Doss, William Herrig, Timothy Smith, John Coleman, Van Canady, — Witherell, Joseph Vermillion, John Turner, Eleven Outlaws (WY), William Carden, Two Outlaws (TX), Four Outlaws (AR), "Doc" Jones, Peter Jackson, William Hopps, Bud Wilson, Thomas O'Dell, William O'Dell, Ripley Johnson, Michael Adams, Peter Bell, Rafe Monell, Hugh Furz, Hudson Johnson, Robert J. Phoenix, Judge Jones, Two Indian Cattle Thieves (S. D.), Thad Fowlkes, Andrew T. Baugh, Unkown Negro (unknown cause, GA), Henry Johnson, Dennis Martin, Moses Lemon, Daniel Williams, Unknown Man (informer, GA), Unknown Man (incendiarism, near Denver, CO), Unknown Man (incendiarism, near Canon City, CO), Charles Gillard, Three Tramps (murder,OR), Five Negroes (murder, VA), Kinch Freeman, J. M. Matthews, Richard Lundy, Hand Lovett, Unknown Horse thief (S. D.), Welcome Golden, Robert Knight, Unknown Man (AR),  Unknown Negro (robbery, FL), Unknown Negro (burglary, GA), John R. Elyh, Unknown Tramp (rape, NE), Two Negroes (murder, FL), Negro (rape, MS), J. A. Smith, Floyd Gregory, Moses Henderson, Jesse Miller, Robert Sims, Four Savage Brothers, John Sims, Moseley Sims, Unknown Man (murder, LA), Cornelius Coffee, 2 Negro Tramps (rape, TN), White Man (rape, TN), — Lightfoot, Jesse E. Reed, Negro Convict (murder, MS), Negro (rape, TN), Irwin Roberts, James Bond, — Cora, Negro (rape, KY), Lewis Fox, Adam Gripson, John Hopp, Charles Kelly, Lucius Holt, Robert Greenwood, Benjamin Minter, Robert Wilkins, Joseph Givhen, Two Negroes (murder, AL), Four Negroes (attempted robbery, AL), Hant G. Givens, William Ferguson, Sloan Allen, Unknown Negro (suspected robbery, MS), Calvin Thomas, Ma-k Segars, Tilman Green, William Jackson, Mrs. Teddy Arthur, George Bronson, Charles Smith, Lee Brown, William Dean, Negro (murder, SC), Negro (rape, FL), James Allen, George King, Samuel Taylor, Charles Frazier, Samuel Pike, Harry Sherard, Three Unknown Negroes (murder, GA), Daniel McDonald, William Carter, Scott Sherman, Tony Sutton, Henry Sutton, — Poss, — Henry, Isom Kearse, Hannah Kearse, William Blake, James Smith, William Dever, Mrs. T. J. West, Jessie Winner, James Nelson, William Wardly, "Crazy Jim", Unknown Negro (murder, AR), Dink Proctor, Arch Proctor, William Proctor, James Stone, George Finley, Joseph James, Jerry Burke, Alfred Holt, Adam Uber, James Murray, Charles Jones, Joseph Alexander, Charles Alexander, Joseph Thomas, Louis Bonner, John Bonner, Thomas Waller, "Bud" Beard, Chadwick Marshall, John McDonald, Joseph Hoplins, Samuel Turner, — Hearn, — Richardson, Eli Fisher, Jacob Glover, — White, Pleas Go-n, James Anderson, Newton Gaines, William Simms, Marion Tyler, Jeff Bolton, Richard Coleman, Unknown Negro (rape, LA), David Pierce, James Martin, Frank West, James Gambola, Bud Rufus, Daniel Long, Bud Rowland, Thomas Henderson, John — , Unknown Negro murder, Arcadia, MS). Unknown Negro (murder, Gulfport, MS), Unknown Negro (rape, AR), G---er, Three Unknown Negroes (race prejudice, AL), Samuel Poydras, J. H. McClinton, Scott Bishop, Montgomery Godley, Oliver Wideman, Mrs. Wideman, James Green, Frank De Loach, John De Loach, Wes Young, Henry Davis, Lawrence Liborg, Washington Mu--ay, Unnamed Negro (murderous assault, LA), Patrick Husband, James Garden, Anderson Callaway, Elmer Hill, John Harvard, George Ba--ey, Cimton Montgomery, Cope Miles, Henry Remington, Oscar Chitwood, Azariah Curtis, Unnamed Negro (murder, AL), Unnamed Negro (murderous assault, MS), Henry Fitts, "Norm" Cadore, Ernest Williams, Frank Williams, Clive Culbertson.   


Cleveland Franklin, two Negroes (murderous assault, GA), Coot Antman, two Negroes (murder and robbery, MS) , unknown Negro (fraud, NC), Walter Cole, Benjamin Dickerson, Nathan Andrews, Henry Hinton, Sherman Wagoner, J. G. Burton, William Gay, John Gay, Emmet Cloud, Peter Nicholas, D. McDonald, James Sullivan, William Howard, Benjamin Payne, John Wagoner, William Steele, Nelson Simpson, George Reed, Louis McAdams, Sterling Thompson, Unknown Negro (rape, GA), James Denson, James Denson's stepson, Frederick Alexander, Charles L. Robinson, Norman McKinney, Unknown Negro (rape, LA), John Hollis, Ransom O'Neal, Charles Tunstall, Unknown Negro (LA), Andy Clark, Joseph Thomas, Edward Mitchell, 2 Unknown Negroes (murder, AL), C. A. Sobrilofski, Emmet Kris, Nat Forbes, Menzel Lapour, Holly Epps, Sidney Brown, Clement Simpson, Holden Dick, Vincent Olivas, Ebenezer Fowler, James Roland, Samuel Williams, John Stapleton, Thomas Peddy, Daniel Carrahan, C. E. Abbe, Daniel Sutton,Patrick Woods, A Negro named "Bill", Cornelius Murphy, —Smith, Isaac Bromfield, Samuel —, Brothers Hawes, — Hamilton, — Lundberry, Lewis Simpson, Richard Woods, William Cornish, James Walthrop, Oscar Coger, William Kelly, Sr., William Kelly, Jr., Kit Kelly, Unknown Negro (unknown cause, MS), —Baggott, William Bolo, "Red" Paige, Unknown Man (for saloonkeeping, TX), George King, Unknown Man (murder, AL), Henry Burney, "Nosey" Smith, Highwayman (ID), Santos Talizar, — Clark, James McKnight, Fritz Anschlag, Jack Blount, Matthew Blount, Patterson Sprintt, David Dunce, Benjamin Edwards, — Arthur, — Potts, Alfred Shafford, Dean Reynolds, George Meadows, Two Men and Two Women (robbery and murder, TN), Henry Thomas, Samuel Wakefield, William Brewington, Unknown Negro (accessory to murder, AR), Henry Holmes, John Stanley, Unknown Negro race hatred, GA), Henry Ward, Mexican Desperado (N. M.), William Black, William Slate, George Smith, Walter Younts, Charles Beall, — Sharp, Unknown White Man (MS), Unknown Indian (murder, WA), Olli Thixton, L. U. Descharner, Calvin Foster, — Mix, Nathan Andrews, Henry Hinson, Henry Corbin, Augustus Lehman, Henry Hinton, — Johnson, Mrs. Baker, Robert Hepler, Lee Gibson, Joseph Shields, Four Horsethieves (MT),  Henry Duncan, Albert Roberts, Unknown Negro (murder, NC), Paul Scroggs, Henry Allen, Benjamin Lafarque, Edward Moorman, Richard Moorman, James Williams, Robert Landry, "Chicken" George, Richard Davis, William Fisher, Patrick Wells, Thomas Carr, Henry Smith, Alfred Davis, Joshua Mitchell, Judas Miller, Samuel Smith, Sherman Wagoner, Roscoe Parker, Charles Willis, John Buchner, Unknpwn Negro (suspected incendiarism, LA), M. G. Gamble, Unknown Negro (rape, MO), Thomas Blair, Barrett Scott, Three Horsethieves (OK), John F. Bergeron,Spencer Costello, George Coldhand, Thomas Boyd, George Witherell, Andrew Brown, Frank Simpson, Harrison Fuller, George H. Smith, A. L. Smart, Patrick Morris, Mrs. Patrick Morris, Harry Jordan, Thomas Foley, "Wild Horse", Marina, Unknown Man (highwayman, OK), Unknown Negro (assault, GA), John Massengle, Alexander Jones, Sidney Grist, Lawrence Brown, Unknown Negro (arson, SC), Simon Cooper, Anthony Henderson, Two Negroes (murder and robbery, MS), Unknown Negro (highway robbery, LA), Augustus William, Augustus Johnson, Archibald Joiner, Peter Henderson, William White, Charles Forsythe, Pierce Taylor, Eugene Washington, George Brannan, James Jackson, Unknown Negro (theft, AR), James jones, David Hunter, James Watts, Samuel Cole, Marshal Chadwick, — Deval, — Huntley, Two Negroes (murder, AR), John McGeesey, Palmer Simpson, Mary Pearson, Marsal McGregor, Henry Jones, George Call, John Shaw, W. W. Watts, Henry Giveney, Roger Giveney, Rufus Salte-, Anderson Gause, George Smith, Edward Smith, Thomas Reynolds, James Mays, John Yellow Wolf, Two Negroes (murder, LA), Robert Alexander, "Butch" Riley, Elmore Moseley, "Jumbo" Clark, "Gen" Lee, Lewis Radford, Louis Allwhite, White Jetton, Unknown Negro (unkown cause, MS), Benjamin Harris, Unknown Negro (attempted rape, MS), Ernest Baker, Unknown Negro (attempted rape, AL), James Cullen, Henry Bell, Unnamed Negro (murder, MS), Thomas Coley, Isaac Webb, Unnamed Negro (for giving a poor entertainment, NC), Cleveland Franklin, Walter Cole, Two Unnamed Negroes (murder, MS), Unnamed Negro (rape, SC), Arthur Davis, "Pink" Willis, — Hilliard, Douglas Robertson, Samuel Davenport, Samuel Turner, Neeley Giles, John Moore, Eugene Hemming, John Crutchfield, Belle Hathaway, John Chandler, Albert Hamilton, — Carson, Unnamed Negro (rape, OK), Henry Monson, Richard Stanley, Unnamed Negro (murder, MS)


Andy Blount, Richard Cullen,Charley Pittman, Jack Long, Robert Mitchell, Eli Pigot, Charles Scott, John Kelly, Cuthbert Harris, Jerry Brown, Sam McDowell, John Johnson, Spencer Brown, Sam Blow, Will Lavender, Scott Bishop, George Hurst, Andrew Pikkarien, James Luckey, Negro named Smeal, Theodore Burton, — Deering, Wanner Matthews, William Wright, Samuel Williams, George Carter, Thomas Jackson, Frederick King, Isham Fed, Henry Fed, Peter Berryman, Thomas Vital, George Ward, John Knox, Johnson Miller, Lee Hale, Frank Brown, William Fambro, Cornelius Lee, R. T. Garret, Unknown Man (theft, VA), John Perry, John Wilson, George Robinson, — James, Joseph Burns, A Negro Boy (self-defense, MS), "Bud" Crosby, John Lee Eberhardt, John A. Smythe, Joel J. Wilson, Cicero R. Jellerson, Perry Jackson, Benjamin Hawkins, Thomas Morris, James Gazziers, —Raivey and brother, Calvin Pierce, Arthur Jackson, Babe Ellison, Jose Trujello Gallegos, Coly Thompson, Andy Williams, Warren Wilson, Unknown Negro (rape, GA), James Richards, Unknown Negro (rape, LA), Alonzo Hally, John McCelvy, Isaac Price, William Reaws, Thomas Forsyth, James Rosemond, George Haggerman, Unknown Negro (rape, MS), Haywood Handy, Charles Stein, Two Negroes (murder, TX), Asa Brown, W. L. Smith, John Puckett, D. H. Smith, Wesley Thomas, — Perkins, Ernest Bitner, Eli Ladd, George Corvett, William Larkin, R. F. Emerson, Jocob Staples, Rebecca Bruckley, Robert Pope and his son, Brown Washington, Green Jackson, Jesus Salceda, William Brown, French Haynie, Thomas Robin, Michael Kelly, — Champion, John Bull, Wesley King, Henry Jackson, Oliver Reilly, Scott Bishop, Thomas Rowland,  Allen West, Jasper C. Williams and two others, Mrs., Martin, Henry Beavers, Hamp Briscoe and son, Mrs. Briscoe, William Lavender, Two Negroes (incendiarism, AL), John Kelly, Culbert Harris, Riley Webb, Walter Austin, Edward Coy, George Harris, Richard Cullen, John Robinson, Jerry Brown, Spencer Branch, John Johnson, Samuel Ellerson, Ireno L. Gonzalez, William Butler, Frank Harrel, William Felder, Negro (rape, TN), Andy Blount, Richard Torman, John Hughes, Richard Mays, Thomas Whitson, Wilson Whitson, Joseph Hayne, Henry Bruce, Charles Plunkett, Robert Plunkett, — Collins, Jesse Dillingham, Henry McCreeg, Unknown Tramp (rape, TN), Robert Collins, Lewis Hendricks, William George, Abram Seddon, Daniel Slaughter, Thomas Douglas, Anderson Carter, Bud Montgomery, George Tracy, Henry Blake, Joseph Leeds, Grant Atterbury, Fount Martin, Robert Wilson, Younger Lewis, Foster Crawford, Paul Frances, Gilbert Frances, Melville Kennedy, Robert Morton, Henry Lurten, Joseph Robinson, Unknown Negro (rape, SC), Two Negroes (arson, TN), Charles Brown, John Belin, Unknown Negro (murder, WV), — Ward, M. F. Tanner, Whit Dillard, John Kellogg, F. B. Baker, Dora Baker, Richard Allen, Thomas Holmes, Charles Martin, George Bivins, William Holt, George Fort, James Sweeney, William Burts, Enless Whittaker, Thomas Brown, T. Williams, Bell Dooley, Louis Wright, Oliver Bibb, Woodford Hughes, Luther Holbert and wife, Three Unknown Negroes (murder, MS), Glenco Bays, Carlos Munoz, Willison Johnson, Henry Henderson, Unknown Man (robbery, NV), James Calton, Bunkie Richardson, Pedigrie, Wiltze Page, Charles Pitman, Robert Mitchell, John Long, Eli Pigatt, Unnamed Negro (rape, GA), Thomas Gilbert, Unnamed Negro (conspiracy to do violence, GA), Clem Scott, Unnamed Negro (attempted rape, AL), Roby Baskin, Jacob Wader, Rolley Wyatt, Three White Men (rape, GA), Unnamed Negro (rape, TX), Daniel L-mpkin, Charles Powell, George Saunders, Mary Jackson, Mann Hamilton, Unnamed Negro (rape, TN), Walter Greer, David Neal, Green Boman, Unnamed Negro (murder, AL), Andrew Williams, Willis Webb, — Anderson, Robert Perry.


Dewey Smith, John Moody, Johnson Miller, Sherman Harris, Lewis Gordon, Fred Moore, Indian and girl, Jim Cross/Cosby, Bob Sarver, Will Davis, Anderson Ellis, Will Clark, Wade Ellis, Jim Ellis, Thomas Clayton, Bud Davis, Unknown Negro, Herald Correspondent, Henry Sanders, Antonio Lorenzo, Stanislaus Vittari, Francesco Ranchetti, Joe Welby, Pietro Giacabino, Antonio Zapetto, Manuel Polietz, Pietro Monasterio, Antonio Scaffedi, Joseph P. Macheca, Antonio Marchesi, Antonio Bagnetto, Frank Romero, Jim Caruso, Rocco Gerachi, Charles T. Rahini, Thomas Jones, Eliza Taylor, Andy Beard, Peter Klein, Ronce Gwynne, John Bailey, William Carr, Charles Humphries, Richard Smith, Will McMullen, Curry Robertson, John Henry, two Negroes (interfering with mob, GA), two Jenkin brothers, David Poe, Tom Ranston, John Campbell, Jerry Bell, Charles Hollingsworth, Robert Moseley, Charles Young, John Maynard, George Ritter, Hubert Waller, Ike Pizer, John Bright, Negro Girl (poison, LA), Mrs. W. E. Holton, Sam Martin, Benjamin Grewel, William Frazier, Lewis Rice, Bill Zeigler, W. H. Wallace, Lewis Harris, Will Edwards, Three Negroes (rioting, TN), Allen Brooks, Simon Simpson, Frank Griffins, Dennis Cobb, George Rouse, John Mullins, Joseph Little, Weakly Ridley, Tobe Williams, Robert Sarver, Arnold Howard, Frank Young, Charles Shelton, John Redmond, Henry Redmond, Walter Landers, C. D. Owens, J. McGrue, William Phoebus,Arthur McNell, John Moody, William Davis, Sherman Harris, John Henderson, Ballie Crutchfield, Isaac Fitzgerald, Unknown Negro (murder, GA), Terry Bell, Geroge Shurley, Henry Thomas, Frank Robertson, Abraham Thompson, — Mungall, V. A. Witcher, Samuel Johnson, Thomas Archer, Martin Archer, John Archer, Handy Woodward, A Negro Boy (assault & robbery, KY), T. O. Polk, John Gillespie, Allen Wright, Heelp Wade, Alexander North, Henry Shaw, Three Negroes (murder, FL), Frederick Villarose, Weakley Ridley, Tobe Williams, Spencer Evens, William Johnson, William Anderson, Cornelius Alexander, Charles Campbell, Augustus Campbell, Negro (rape, TX), Lee Staton, Ambrose Young, Charles Latham, Frank Freeman, Rich McGowen, Frank Bonham, Eliza Taylor, Thomas Jones, Arthur Jackson, Frank Strong, Jacob Doss, Thomas Sharp, Thomas Mack, Terry Mack, Alexander Crawford, William Jackson, "One-Eared" Dodge, William Hardy, Two Negro Boys (MS), — Duncan, William Thomas, Thomas Roof, William A. Parker, John H. Skinner, Eli Nary, Two Cattlemen (unknown cause, I. T.), Jeff Curry, Unknown Negro (murder, TN), Thoedore Callaway, Three Indians (murder, MT), Three Horsethieves (No Man's Land), J. E. Robinson, Magruder Fletcher, B. S. Sprague, — Gannon, — Babcock, — Remus, A. W. Wassen, Burke Martin, A. J. Stratton, Henry Williams, Benjamin Grewell, Robert Moseley, Samuel Martin, J. Stratton, Unknown Negro (murder, TX), Simmons Simpsons, Frank Griffin, Unknown Negro (rape, I. T.), Unknown Negro (unknown offense, WV), Louis Hodge, Scott Bradford, Henry Sanders, Nograde Bela, Thomas Huntley, Elrod Hudson, Jefferson Densmore, — Jones, Amos Miller, Unknown Negro (robbery, TN), Unknown Negro (rape, AL), John Rice, Richard Center, Calvin McDonnell, Thomas Moss, William Stuart, Unknown Negro (assault, AL), Lewis Gordon, Ella —, John F. Bright, Lee Heplin, Joseph Dye, Jack Tillman, Dennis Cobb, Joseph Lytle, Abner Anthony, Thomas Hill, Jesse Jones, William Frazier, Len Tye, Sylvester Rhodes, Lamson Gregory, Unknown Colored Woman (unknown offense, AR), John Rodgers, Richard Puryea, Oliver Jackson, — Saybrick, Charles Robertson, Isaac Manion, Two Horsethieves (I. T.), Amor Gibson, Mrs. W. E. Holton, Daniel Dawson, Robert Holma, Joseph Holman, Harriet Talley, Unknown Negro (alleged insults, MS), Robert Betat, Budd Love, William Murphy, Isaac Pizer, Louis Senegal, William Whaley, Mrs. William Whaley, Unknown Negro (burglary, TX), Otia Smith, Jack Green, Henry Edwards, Sam Jones, Wash Melton, Unknown Negro (theft, KY), William Clement, James Gilmore, James Miley, Otis Miller, Andy Beard, John Smith, John Merritt, J. W. Hollingshead, Indian Doctor offense unknown, NC), Girl (offense unknown, NC), Frederick Moore, William Jones, Louis P. Johnson, J. Bamret, Unknown Man (murder, WY), William Harris, Andrew Pigge, Unknown Negro (robbery, AR), Alexander Anderson, John Collar, John Calloway, James Allen, Allen Thames, Budd Ca--on, Henry Bingham, Tip Hutson, Edward Brown, John Bigby, General Duckett, Benjamin Jones, Joseph Jones, Moses Jones, Edward Goodwin, Joseph King, Unknown Negro (murder, AR), Willis Boyd, C. C. Reed, Minor Wilson, Henry Sanderson, James Crosby, George Ratliffe, Thomas Clayton, Unknown Negro (murder, FL), John Balley, Charles Humphries, George Ritter, Lewis Rice, Walter Cotton, Brandt O'Grady, Lewis Harris, William Edward, Horace McCoy, Nathan Bird and son, John Woodward, Elijah Drake, James Stewart, William Ziegler, Washington H. Wallace, James Walker, Oliver Wright, Charles Woodward, Richard Young, Richard Dixon, Unknown Negro (unknown offense,CA), Unknown  Negro (murder, MS), Fayette Sawyer, Burke Harris, John Maynard, James Smith, Charles Smith, Mack Baldwin, Abe Bailey, Garrett Flood, Killis Johnston, Perry Carter, Henry Griffin, Walker Griffin, Randall Flood, William Baldwin, William Madison, Aaron Hinton, Unknown Negro (murder, MS), Ronce Gwynne, Edward Plowmey, William plowmey, Julius Stevens, William Carr, Edward Johnson, "Cotton", Flint Williams, Henry Gardner, Two Colored Women (murderous assault, AR), Cleveland Harding, Unknown Negro (attempted rape, AL), James Williams, Curry Robertson, John Henry, David Poe, Thomas Ranston, Two Jenkins Brothers, John Campbell, Jackson Presler, Unnamed Negro (attempted rape, TX), Two Unnamed Negroes (attempted rape, TX), Joseph Fowler, Anderson Ellis, William Ramsey, Joseph Brown, Joseph Gordon, Unnamed Negro (attempted rape and murder, GA), Holland Brooks, Wade Ellis, Samuel Ellis, Unnamed Negro (murder, FL), Ely Denton, Robert Austin, Charles Richards, "Judge" Jones, Alfred Dublin, Richard Dublin, Peter Rivers, Homer Burke, Sanford Lewis, Frederick W. Whisonant, Joseph Bronson, Two Unnamed Negroes (murder, GA), John Gregson,    


Unknown Negro (killed Policeman Leslie), Joseph Simpson, two Negroes (shooting, FL), John Burr, Albert Temple, Walter Clayton, Dock Bishop, Frank Latham, Allen Brooks, William Richard Long, Harrison, Dave Tillus, Green and Ingraham, Charles Morgan, Kiz Redd, Alexander Williams, May Hearn, Jesus Fuen, Four Horsethieves (I. T.), Sam Lewis, William Boles, Alf Bran, Horace Montgomery, Ed, William Hardin, Ann Cowan, Robert Mattlock, Caesar Sheffield, Frank and Tubal Taylor, Richard Read, John Peters, John Rattler, Zeb Calley, Martha Greene, Alice Green and Mary Deane, John Hughly, Ed Ames, Dave Harris, John Peterson, John Thomas, Negro (murder, TX), George Graham, Mindee Chowggoe, Fayette Rhone,Will Gates, Lewis Thomas, Aaron Thomas, Jim Thomas, Benny Thomas, Will Williams, 3 unknown men (CA), Negro (shooting policeman, KS), Charles Gunson, Indian (murder, AZ), Joseph Smith, Henry Ivy, Simeon Arcoff, 2 unknown men (MO), Oscar M. Garrett, George Betts, James Browning, William Courts, Bradford Courts, Timothy Cromley, Frank Fisher, Henry Brown, Ben Wheeler, John Wesley, Billy Smith, George Mack, — Ward, 3 Sylvester brothers, Jim Harris,Kennedy Gordon, Wyatt Mallory, William Groulsby, John Turner, Tom Gilyard, Andrew Rainey, Alexander Thompson, Unknown 17-year-old Negro (assault, IL), Hensley Johnson, — Christian, Willis Moorman, Weaver Brothers, Unknown Man (TX), J. P. Kemble, George E. Graham, Juan Telles, Mendy Jones, Robert Miller, Two Negroes (cutting levees, MS), Frank Elliott, George Lee, — Garrison, — Gibbs, Henry Kilburn, William Strong, Charles Michand, A Japanese Man (murder, UT), John Henderson, Mulligan, Clarke, Samuel T. Wilson, Scott Hill, Brownlow Hill, William Williams, Felix Constant, — McDonald, Bud Farris, — Ward, James H. Bell, Frank Taylor, Tibel Taylor, Elijah Sublette, George Mack, John McKenzie, Giles Goode, Daniel Roberts, Moses Lipscomb, Bailey Dowdie, Pint Thompson, Bud Williamson, John Thomas, Joseph Arnold, — Hite, J. Howe, John Mollar, Isaac Kirk, Puss Kirk, Hardy Posy, William Thompson, Martin Roland, John Wolfenberger, Daniel Beeler, George Driggs, Hector Junior, Unknown Negro (rape, LA), Scott Bailey, Unknown Man (murder, OK), Unknown Negro (murder, TX), Unknown Negro (rape, TX), William Williams, Samuel Moody, Stephen Jacobs, Simeon Garrett, Jerry Teel, Unknown Negro (rape, TX), Anasticio Hugo, William Field, Zachariah Graham, Martin Mayberry, Thomas Punnill, William Boles, John Rose, John Edwards, Alexander Foote, Roxie Elliot, William Skaggs, Charles Curtis, A. J. Hunt, — Randall, William Taylor, John Mullens, Unknown Negro (unknown cause, OH), Charles Stuart, Two Negroes (rape, GA), Four Negroes (murder, LA), Isaac Brandon, William West, Jerry Williams, George Davis, William Williams, Albert Roberts, Freeman, Negro (murder, TX), David Sims, Tramp (robbery and murder, LA), Henry Griggard, Eph Grizzard, Flannegan Thornton, Daniel Abrams, Thomas Tarpley, Holland English, Two Negroes (alleged murder, AL), Daniel Ahren, Edward Cash, Alfred Bren, Jack Crews, William Lewis, Seymour Newlin, Henry Montgomery, "Dutch John", Henry Worley, Thomas Black, John Williams, Tony Johnson, Jefferson Luggle, Samuel Slaugate, Thomas Claxton, David Hawkins, Robert Evarts, Seven Horse Thieves (OK), James Robinson, Benjamin White, Thell Claxton, Comp Claxton, Scott Harvey, Jerry McCly, Reddy Nilson, William Rawles, Newton Walters, Nelson Calhoun, Dean Powell, Frederick Chamberlain, Manuel Dunegan, Unknown Negro (Unknown Offense, TN), George Ray, Thomas Gibson, George Jones, Harvey Mayberry, Reddick Adams, Samuel Covington, York Douglas, John Jones, Starling Savage, Jefferson Gardner, John Van Brunt, Robert Chambers, Thomas Price, William Hillis, Victor Hillis, C. H. Givens, — Haines, Unknown Negro (unknown offense, MS), William Brayden, "Panamint Tom",  Jesse Evans, Joseph McCoy, Hal Wright, Russell Wright, Robert Brown, William Gates, Lewid Thomas, Aaron Thomas, James Thomas, Benjamin Thomas, William Williams, William Bell, William Mercer, Carlos Guillen, Columbus Lewis, Paris Smith, Forest Jameson, Moses Anderson, W. H. Hardin, A. M. Larne, Samuel Hose, Elijah Strickland, Charles Williams, Mitchell Daniel, Unknown Negro (arson, VA), Moses York, Henry McAffee, John Peters, John Hughly, Edward Ante-, Walter Allen, George Franklin, William Reynolds, James Carter, Thomas Blanchard, Unknown Negro (murder, LA), Harry Young, Ernest Dewley,  — Petrie, Rueben Sims, Thomas Searcy, Richard Craighead, John Garrett, Harry Duncan, James Copeland, William Allen, Negro (rape, Groesbech, TX), Negro (rape, Oakwoods, TX), William Brown, Charles Strauss, Frederick Kilbourne, Eben Calhoun, John Burr, Walter Clayton, Albert Fields, Jasper Douglas, Joseph Simpson, David Alexander, Benjamin Brame, John Smith, Horace Montgomery, J. B. Miller, D. B. Burrell, Jesse West, Joseph Allen, — Thomas, James Hodges, Creole Mos-, P-e Hill, Matthew Chase, — Carroll, Frank Pride, Laura Mitchell, Frank Bates, Albert Royal, Charles Jackson, Thomas O'Neill, Alexander Coleman, Thomas Miles, Samuel Arline, Harry hoffner, Unnamed Negro (unnamed offense, LA), Henry Etheridge, J. C. Collins.


W. W. Pattinson, Jacob Mcdowell, Elmo Harvard, John Williams, George Rose, Joseph E. Jenkins, Eugene Azar, Aidy Neal, Henry Pope, Jake Dodson, Felton Brigmen, Grant Johnson, Charles Dickerson, Unknown Negro (assault, AL), Ham Patterson,William McKinley, Lewis McKinley, Jordan, George Hughes, Unknown Negro (mistaken identity, AL), Edward Mays, Dock Mays, Robert Dawson, Henry Johnson, J. L. Chandler, William Williams, Dr. Herman, Lee Key, Milt Calvert, William Campbell, Frederick Rochelle, Frank Reeves, Calvin Hall, Frank Hall, James Hall, Martin Hall, B. D. Yantis, William Lee, Mollie Smith, Mandy Franks, Scipio Atkinson, Hardy Grady, William Willis, Jim Redmond, Jim Taylor. Mary Turner and unborn child, Hayes Turner, Will Head, Will Thompson, Eugene Rice, Sydney Johnson, Chime Riley, Simon Schuman, 3 unidentified negroes (murder, GA), Amos Randall, Dan Kennedy, Harry Golden, D. M. Malone,W. J. Moynehan, Robert Bryant, Will Morris, Washington Jarvis, Moses Hart, William Hopkins, Unknown Negro (TX), W. C. Clifton, Unknown Negro (theft, MS), Wesley Williams, Albert Smith, — Chambers, Frank Lyles, Daniel Mann, Louis Mann, William Bryson, Albert Guess, John Mitchell, Joe Williamson, Calvin Kimblern, James Cobb, John Calhoun, Henry Brown, Benjamin Wheeler, John Wesley, William Smith, Jake Dodson, Charles Dickerson, Ham Patterson, Miles Petty, French Taggart, Michael Lee, — Washington, —Chaves, Mark Moore, George Metcalf, William Maloney, Unknown Horsethief (OR), William Sullivan, Laura Nelson, L. D. Nelson, Jeff Matson, Denny Brown, James Walters, Berry Washington, Jim Smith, — Ward, — Jordan, Chinaman (alleged rape, AR), H. W. Terry, Albert Guess, Jerry Taylor, Wes Hicks, "Powhattan Pete", Two Indians (horsethieves, OR), Three Sylvester Brothers, Richard Goodwin, Grate Blanton, Benjamin Hart, Andrew McGehee, J. B. Walker, Andrew Springer, George Morton, James Harris, John Wright, David Sale, Thomas Frazier, Thomas Reney, — Morley, David Southall, — Chitwood, Dandy hook, Two Horsethieves (I. T.), The Brothers Corber, Tut Danford, Unknown Negro (alleged rape, TX), Unknown Negro (burglary, LA), Joseph Thornton, A. M. Neely, James Mitchell, Noah Dickson, Frank Pekwek, Albert Martin, John T. Newell, George Babcock, Unknown Negro (rape, MS), John Major, Willie Leapheart, Edward Bennett, E. L. Criswell, Phillip William, Grant Anderson, John E. Starling, Robert Weaver, Theodore Wiedenmuller, Monroe Waters, John Barrentine, Wesley Lee, Monroe Walker, Mrs. Lee, Asbury Green, — Jurden, Frank Lupesky, James Jennins, John Wilcox, Dennis Hampton, William Anderson, John Anderson, Green Wells, Monroe Sheppard, Tump Hampton, Negro rape, MS), Lyman Purdie, Charles Miller, George Hoes, Negro (murder, SC), Luther Mills, Henry James, "Red" Smith, Negro (murder, SC), Berry Rowden, James Rowden, William Cantor, Three Negroes (suspected robbery, GA), James Taylor, Charles Everett, Serborn Smith, Charles Stewart, Negro (murder, LA), Arthur Burrows, Negro (murder, LA), James Williams, Negro (murder, FL), James Smith, David Shaw, Hech Willis, Three men named McArthur, James Collins, John Demean, Samuel Giliard, Antonio Martinez, Antonio J. Barcelos, Victoriano Argon, A. B. Crain, "Doc" Henderson, James Stewart, Hayward Banks, Israel Holloway, Negro (rape, FL), John Terrell, Louis Trenck, William Sullivan, Ephraim Muchler, Unknown Negro (murder, GA), Hole in the Saddle, Celilio L---oro, John Wallace, Amos Hicks, Negro (writing letter to white woman, TX), George Rose, Nin Young, Coat Williams, Samuel Wood, Henry Scott, Negro (rape, GA), William Brooks, Two Indians (rape, OK), Henry Smith, William James, J. T. Burgis, Thomas Brownlee, Andy Hames, John Calvin, William Dunn, John Howeston, Samuel Echols, Simeon Crowley, John Brooks, Jerido Shivers, Wm. Connell, Claude Thompson, Unknown Negro (rape, MS), John Halls, William Royce, John Crocker, Jacob Henson, Three Negroes (suspicion of rape), James Freeman, Nelson Weatheroff, William Denby, Charles Jones, Mason Harris, Edden W. Williams, Harry Wilson, — Murray, Unknown Negro (murder, KY), William Hardee, Joseph Dazzele, Unknown Negro (rape, LA), Mollie Smith, Amanda Franks, James Nance, David Cotton, Henry Williams, Sabe Stewart, Charles Jackson, Ahvote, Captain Lewis, William White, John White, Presley Oates, Peter Zajelach, John Mitchell, Jack Coffman, William Jones, James Cooper, Dennis Burrell, Joseph Mitchell, Garfield King, Richard Oliver, Joseph Kiser, Thomas Johnson, Willis Dees, Two Negroes (murder, NC), Walter Holland, Thomas Linton, James Humphrey and 2 sons, Henry Ratcliff, George Gordon, Marshall Jones, Henry Darley, Unknown Negro (no offense, MS), Unknown Negro (rape, AL), William Lee, William Willis, Two Negroes (murder, FL), Henry Harris, Samuel Hinson, Unknown Negro (robbery, AR), John Sims, James Underwood, Nichols Deblano, Horace Muller, Dudley Morgan, Abraham Witherup, Caines Hall, Frank Piper, John Cumming, Unknown Negro (rape, GA), — Whitehead, Unknown Negro (unknown offense, FL), Unknown Negro (murder, MS), — Pettigrew, Robert Shaw, Samuel Sims, George Whitney, William Wommock, Frank Jordan, John Irvin, Thomas Jackson, George Younger, Unknown Man (murder, I. T.), J. V. Johnson, R. T. Rogers, Silas Ealy, Charles Harris, Unknown Negro (rape, SC), Five Negroes (race riot, GA), Unnamed Negro (rape, FL), Albert Aiken, Lovett Davis, Thomas Burnett, Joseph Blakely, "Dock" McLane, Unnamed Negro (rape, SC), Jesse Matson, Charles Wilson, Unnamed Negro (murderous assault, MO), Ernest Allums, Unnamed Negro (attempted rape, MS), G. W. Edd, Daniel Davis, Jacob Samuels, Samuel Owensby.   

Thank you for joining me and as always, I hope I leave you with something to ponder.

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