Tuesday, June 9, 2015

August 11, 1898: Mullock Walker

Today we learn about a Mississippi lynching found in The Wichita Beacon (Wichita, Kansas) dated August 11, 1898:



Cornith [sic], miss., Aug. 11.—Mullock Walker, a negro, charged with sandbagging, was lynched here this morning by a mob and his body is swinging from a telegraph pole on Filmore street, in the centrau [sic] part of the city. At an early hour this morning an organized mob of 250 masked men went to the county jail and demanded the person of Mullock Walker, who was charged with criminally assaulting Charles Dazelle with a sandbag, about three miles south of town last Wednesday, since which time Mr. Dazelle has been in a critical condition and his life is despaired of.

No resistance was made at the jail, as the mob was firm and would allow no parleying, and Jailor Derry Berry turned the negro over to the mob.

Walker was taken to the most central part of town, in front of Rubel and company's store on Filmore street, and hanged to the guard arm of one of the telegraph poles. Walker confessed his crime, and implicated two other negroes in some of his various crimes.

Part of the mob was sent to the power house and compelled the electrician to turn out the lights for a block in each direction. The sidewalks and streets were lined with men and boys, looking on the gruesome proceedings.

An attempt to capture the negro was made last Saturday night, but the jail was strongly guarded and the mob dispersed.

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