Thursday, July 16, 2015

December, 1882: George W. and Jim Fraley

Today we learn about a Texas lynching through the pages of The Saint Paul globe (Saint Paul, Minnesota) dated December 19, 1882:

Two Brothers Lynched by a Mob in Texas.


[Special telegram to the Globe.]

DALLAS, Tex., Dec. 18.—News is just received of the lynching of two brothers, George W. and Jim Fraley, the latter a mere boy. Both were arrested in the Comanche country, charged with stealing cotton. They were placed under guard at Hazel Dell. At midnight a mob, armed with shot guns, overpowered the guards, took the prisoners to the woods, and hanged them on the same limb.

The Chicago Tribune's lynching list for 1882 lists the brothers as colored. The article doesn't mention race which would usually lead one to believe they were white. Thank you for joining me and as always, i hope I leave you with something to ponder.

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