Friday, July 17, 2015

February, 1896: Henry Blake

Today we learn about an incident in Georgia starting with an article found in The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) dated February 10, 1896:


Henry Blake Probably Fatally Whipped Near Dahlonega, Ga.

Dahlonega, Ga., Feb. 9.—(Special.)—The whitecaps have broken out again in this section. News of another outrage has just reached here from Dawson county, and the information comes that there is a decidedly bad state of affairs over there. Henry Blake, who lived in Lumpkin county, was suspected of having reported an illicit distillery to the revenue officers and was warned to leave. he packed up his belongings, took his delicate wife and children in a caravan wagon and went toward Dawson. He rented a small farm and camped out on it preparatory to building a cabin. A few hours later the owner told him to leave,a s it was reported he was an informer. He denied it, but at dusk a band of masked men came upon his camp, took him out and beat him, and also his wife and children. Blake will die.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated February 10, 1896:


Whitecappers Whip an Informer in Lumpkin County.


While He Was with His Family Camping in the Wood Having Been Refused Shelter.

Dahlonega, Ga., February 9.—(Special.)—A few nights ago Mr. Blake, who had given information against illicit distillers in Lumpkin county was forced to leave that county and seek other climes. He went to Dawson county and rented a place from a Mr. Brown. When he went, with his wife and three children to take possession, he was informed by Mr. Brown that he (Blake) was an informer and that he could not occupy his house.

Blake with his family then proceeded on their way, they knew not whither, in search of a home. They camped that night a few miles from Brown's house on the side of the road. About midnight the Blakes were awakened and found themselves surrounded by a crowd of men, who had their guns leveled at them.

Brown was tied with ropes and dragged a short distance from where his frightened wife and children were and beaten nearly to death.

It is not known who Blake's assailants were, but they were undoubtedly illicit distillers and their friends.

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