Friday, July 31, 2015

October, 1884: A Swiss Man

Today we learn about a lynching in Nebraska through the pages of the Chicago times (Chicago, Illinois) dated October 29, 1884:


OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 28.—[Special.]—A Swiss farm laborer who had been employed by Sheriff Asbre of Cedar County, this State, last fall, and bore a grudge against him when discharged, was detected recently in an attempt to burn Asbre's hay-stacks. John Phillips, Deputy-Sheriff and Postmaster at St. Helena, started in pursuit of the incendiary, and Saturday night overtook him. The Swiss ran to a house and took shelter, both parties exchanging shots on the way. the fugitive, seeing that he could not escape, agreed to surrender if Phillips would come in, but when the officer entered the Swiss treacherously shot him. A crowd, which had been attracted by the firing, took the Swiss into custody and lynched him. It is said that he confessed to having murdered three men previously. St. Helena is on the northern frontier.

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