Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 27,1904: John Larremore

Today we learn about another lynching by white-cappers, this time in Texas. The following article comes from the July 29, 1904 edition of The Saint Paul Globe (Saint Paul, Minnesota):

Negro Woman Uses Gun on Mob

LOCKPORT, Texas, July 28.—A mob of masked whitecappers have killed one negro and severely beaten another, both victims being residents of this vicinity.

The mob first visited Tom Coperton, who was taken from his home and mercilessly beaten. From Coperton's cabin the mob went to the home of john Larremore and endeavored to enter the house. Larramore's wife opened fire on the mob which the whitecappers returned. After the fusilade  [sic]  Larremore was found dead in the hallway of his house.

I found 17 articles in all about this lynching. All but 2 of the articles were identical with different or no headers. I chose the article above because I liked the header. Another article found in the 28th of July edition of The Houston Post was one sentence under the header TEXAS. It reads, "John Larremore, a respectable negro, was shot and killed by unknown parties near Lockhart."  The last article actually covers after the lynching. It comes to us through the July 30th edition of The Houston Post:

Lockhart, Texas., July 29.—There were no further developments here today in the killing of the negro, john Larremore. Sheriff Sanders and his deputies are at work on the case seeking a clew to the members of the mob who dragged Larremore out of his home, but so far no answers have been made.

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