Wednesday, November 25, 2015

December 16, 1893: Henry Givens

Today we learn about a Kentucky lynching through the pages of the Crittenden Press (Marion, Kentucky) dated Dec. 21, 1893:

Over in Hopkins.

(From the Hustler.)

On going to press news comes from Nebo that a negro by the name of Henry Givens was yesterday morning found near his home two miles west of Nebo, tied to a tree with his body riddled with shot. His skull was crushed, both eyes shot out and his body generally, especially about the abdomen, was terribly mangled. The negro is said to have a bad reputation in the community. Coroner Rodgers went down yesterday to hold an inquest, but has not yet returned. We understand that the negro had attempted to poison several different persons, both white and black. Up to the present there is no clue to the ones who mobbed him.


Body of Henry Givens, Colored, Found Hanging to a Tree.

Henderson, Ky., December 16.—Henry Givens, colored, was lynched near Nebo, Foster county, early this morning. Givens was accused of poisoning stock and with the intention of poisoning a school well. Last night he was ordered to leave town, but drew a pistol on the self-appinted [sic] committee. This morning his body was found tied to a tree and filled with bullets.

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