Sunday, November 1, 2015

January 7, 1886: Emmet Kris and Nat Forbes

Today we learn about a lynching in Mississippi through the pages of the Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) dated January 11, 1886:


NEW ORLEANS, La., Jan. 9.—A letter received from Jacksonville, Sunflower County, miss., states that the morning of Jan 7 the bodies of two negroes, Emmet Kris and Nat Forbes, were found dangling from the bridge over Mound Bayou. They were two of four negroes who entered the store of E. T. Carroll at Johnsonville, Dec. 27, and drove a hatchet into the back of Carroll's head. the murderers then secured $300 in cash and a watch from the victim's person and escaped. They started for Arkansas, but these two returned and were captured. both whites and blacks were engaged in the lynching.

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