Saturday, November 28, 2015

June 9, 1900: Seth Cobb

Today we learn about a lynching in Louisiana through the pages of The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated June 11, 1900:


Louisiana Mob Puts a Negro to Death on a Store Porch.

Baton Rouge, La., June 10.—All is quiet at Devall today. It is thought that the lesson taught there last night will have a salutary effect upon a dangerous class of negroes who had been giving much trouble.

The assassination of Marler, of course, aroused the populace to fever heat, but the immediate cause of the lynching last night was threats made by Seth Cobb against the life of Hugh Corcoran. Cobb was apprehended, taken to Sedenbach's store and hanged on the front gallery where Marler fell. An attempt was made to arrest another negro who escaped, but not before he had fired upon and wounded one of the pursuers slightly in the leg. Several other negroes were whipped.

There has been absolutely no news from the posse in search of Richardson, Marler's assassin, although everyone feels sure that his capture must be a matter of a short time. Sheriff Young went up again to the scene of action this evening and nothing will be omitted to effect a speedy capture.

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