Sunday, November 22, 2015

February, 1902: Thomas Williams

Today we learn about a lynching in West Virginia through the pages of the Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, Virginia) dated February 5, 1902:

Double Tragedy.

The attempt of the colored population of Glen Jean, a mining town on Loup creek in Fayette county, W. Va., to drive from their midst Thos. Williams, an "herb doctor", if their own race, led to a double killing Monday night. Williams lived in a tenement house belonging to the Collins Collier Company. He was visited by a mob late in the night and after being called to the door was shot to death. Williams before dying returned the fire, but it was not known that any of the shots from his gun had taken effect until yesterday. A negro named Mose Allen was found some distance from the scene with a bullet hole through his stomach. He claimed that he was struck by a stray bullet as he passed along the road. When found he was almost frozen and he died yesterday afternoon. Williams moved to Glen Jean recently from Tennessee and he was greatly feared by the superstitious darkies, who looked upon him as a "conjurer." This is the only reason that can be assigned for the shooting. The county authorities are investigating the affair.

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