Sunday, December 27, 2015

April 11, 1879: John Shinefelt

Today we learn about a lynching in Illinois through the pages of The Daily Milwaukee News (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) dated April 13, 1879:


FLORA, Ill., April 12.—Last evening the body of John Shinefe[l]t was found hanging to a road-crossing sign, on the Illinois Central road, one mile north of Odin, a small place thirty miles west of here. The particulars, as near as can be gathered, are, that on April 8 a horse was stolen from a resident of Odin. Shinefelt was suspected, from his known bad character, and, having been connected with the same business two years since, he was shadowed by officers and seen to go down into the Okaw bottoms today near Collins, fifteen miles west of Odin, where he was found with the missing horse. He was taken to Collins, and there was taken from the officers by a mob, who took him to within one mile of his home, where he was lynched. His parents are respectable farmers, and have reared a family of intelligent sons and daughters, with this exception, but this son for several years has borne an unenviable reputation in the neighborhood, and few will mourn his departure.

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