Wednesday, December 16, 2015

May 28, 1893: Hole-in-the-Saddle

Today we learn about a lynching in Minnesota through the pages of The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois) dated May 30, 1893:


Chippewa Chief Is Murdered at Cass Lake, Minn., and the Assassin Is Lynched.

WHITE EARTH, Minn., May 29.—Special Telegram.—A tragedy occurred at Cass Lake reservation SuodaŹˇ [sic] morning, in which two Indians lost their lives. Shoe-wawa-ge-shig, the venerable Chippewa chieftain, was stabbed to the heart and instantly killed by another Indian named Hole-in-the-Saddle. The chief's relatives immediately gave pursuit, captured the assassin and hanged him. The tragedy was the outcome of a feud.

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