Monday, December 28, 2015

July 12, 1880: Prentiss Nelms and Tom Konkey

Today we learn about a double lynching in Mississippi through the pages of The Saint Paul Globe (St. Paul, Minnesota) dated July 15, 1880:


MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 14.—About two months ago Rufus Armstead was assassinated near Horn Lake, Mississippi, by Nelms, colored, because Armstead's brother, when deputy sheriff of Desota county, Mississippi, a year ago killed Ned Nelms brother, who resisted arrest, having been charged with horse stealing. The assassination created indignation. Nelms, the murderer, was pursued to Tunica county bottoms, and together with his brother Prentiss Nelms and Tom Konkey, as accomplices, arrested. Ed. Nelms, the assassin, was conveyed to jail at Hernando. Prentiss Nelms and Tom Konkey were lodged in the Tunica county jail. Last Saturday morning, while the two latter prisoners were being conveyed to Hernando, a body of masked men stopped the officers having the prisoners in charge and took possession of the two men. The officers returned to Austin for assistance. On returning they found the two prisoners dead, with their throats cut from ear to ear, their bowels protruding from numberless wounds inflicted with knives, and a rope around each of their necks. An indignation meeting was held at Austin, Monday, at which resolutions condemning the act were passed, and committees were appointed composed of whites and blacks to ferret out the murderers.

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