Saturday, December 12, 2015

July 10, 1913 : "Kid" Tempers

Today we learn about a lynching in Florida through the pages of The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated July 11, 1913:


Crime of "Kid" Tempers Consisted in Assisting Slayer of Officer to Escape.

Pensacola, Fla., July 10.—A negro known as "Kid" Tempers, was taken from the jail at Blountstown, Fla. shortly after midnight last night by a mob of citizens and lynched. The mob overpowered the jailer and carried Tempers to the river bank, where he was strung up to a limb, his body later being riddled with bullets.

The negro assisted another negro, who had killed a deputy sheriff of the neighborhood to escape by giving him money and keeping him in hiding. His lodgings consisted of a veritable arsenal. The mill town where the lynching occurred is quiet. The coroner's verdict was "death caused at hands of unknown parties."

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