Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 1895: Abithal Colston and Mollie Smith

I have been writing this blog for a month.  So far, I have succeeded in my endeavor to find a lynching for every day of the year.  Some days have been harder to find than others.  There are too many days when I have to decide which, of quite a few lynchings, would I report.  Then there have been days where I can get several leads but no article.  Today's lynching was one where I found three lynchings, but no good articles on any of them.  The articles I did find on Abithal Colston and Mollie Smith did not agree with each other on several points.  The one thing they did agree was that both were lynched by a posse in search of Colston, who after being released from jail started hunting down the witnesses against him.  The posse appears to have been led by 2 brothers of one of Colston's victims.  I am only writing this information given by the Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) on January 1, 1896.


1—Abithal Colston, murder, Trigg County, Ky.
1— Mollie Smith, murder, Trigg County, Ky.

I will end this with a little tidbit found in The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania) dated July 2, 1895.

A correspondent of the New York World says there is now a man in the United States Senate who has taken a prominent part in fifty-four lynchings.

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