Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, 1910: Three Negroes

The Raleigh Times (Raleigh, N. C.) July 18, 1910:


(By Leased Wire to The Times)

Franklinton, La., July 18—A race war has broken out at Rio Junction, La., and as a result one negro has been lynched and two others fatally shot.  One escaped to the woods and is being hunted by bloodhounds.  The negroes there are arming today and a posse has been sent from here.  The trouble started last night, when, according to the negroes, a drunken white man hit a negro.

Four negroes, the first attacked, were in charge of officers when they were set upon by a mob of white men.  The negroes had been arrested on trivial charges after the trouble caused by the alleged blow struck by the drunken white man.

The mob advanced on the four prisoners, already determined to show no mercy.  As it neared, the leaders cried to the officers to stand back.  A moment later the demand was forced by the crowd.

As the negroes sought to escape the crowd let loose its fury, and the popping of guns startled the entire town, bringing more negroes and whites.  The former were pursued and, when captured, beaten.

At the first volley, the four prisoners surrounded by the crowd dropped.  While they begged for mercy the whites continued to fire, emptying revolvers and shotguns into the victims.

Then a rope was brought, and one of the four strung up while the mob fired into his body.

In the excitement a negro escaped, taking to the heavy timber outside of town, where he eluded his pursuers.

The sight of the victims bodies startled all the negroes to arming.  Whenever found to have weapons on them they were disarmed, but the situation grew steadily worse and a call for aid was sent here. 

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