Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 5, 1910: Negro

The Charlotte News (Charlotte, N. C.) dated July 5, 1910:

A Lynching in Texas

By Associated Press.

Houston, Texas, July 5.—At Rodney, near Corsicana, yesterday, a negro entered the home of Hub Bailey, a merchant, and brandishing a knife, threatened a criminal assault upon Mrs. Bailey, a bride of three months, who grappled with him, securing the weapoon [sic] and forcing the negro to take flight.  Posses caught the negro today in Richland creek bottom and after he was identified, he was hanged to a tree nearby.

A small bit from The Guthrie Daily Leader (Guthrie, Oklahoma) dated July 5, 1899:

The way to stop lynching is for the men who commit the crimes that invite lynching to stop committing such crimes.

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