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July 9, 1901: Young Fook

The Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Montana) dated July 10, 1901:


Summary Vengeance Taken by Lumbermen on Camp Cook.

Bakersfield, Cal., July 9—Young Fook, a Chinese cook employed at a boarding house at Mount Breckenridge lumber mill, 35 miles east of Bakersfield, in the mountains, was lynched this afternoon by lumbermen.

Shortly after the noon hour the Chinaman attacked Mrs. Kenney, wife of the foreman of the mill, with a butcher knife.  Inflicting a serious wound on her face.  He also struck Mrs. Kenney's little daughter, but the injury is slight.  The screams of the woman brought the lumbermen to the scene.  Mr. Kenney was the first to reach the house.  He was attacked by theChinaman [sic] , and sustained a severe cut on the wrist.  The lumbermen knocked the Chinaman down, placed a rope around his neck and hanged him to a tree.  It is believed that the Chinaman was insane.

The Arizona Republican (Phoenix, Arizona) dated July 10, 1901:


Lynched by Lumbermen Near Bakersfield.

Bakersfield, Cal., July 9.—Young Fook, a Chinese cook at a boarding house at the Mount Breckenridge lumber mill, thirty-five miles east of Bakersfield in the mountains, was lynched this afternoon by lumbermen.  Shortly before the noon hour the Chinaman attacked Mrs. Kenney...What led up to the attack is not known.

A messenger left the scene after the hanging and brought news to the town.  The coroner, sheriff and physician have left for the scene of the tragedy.  The inquest will be held tomorrow morning.

I didn't see a reason to give the whole article since it matched the other verbatim.  

The headline in the Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) on July 10, 1901 reads:

Lynched for Running Amuck.

I see no reason to add the article since it gives no additional information.  I just find it interesting how different papers choose to head the articles.

The San Bernadina County Sun (San Bernadino, California) dated July 21, 1901


BAKERSFIELD, July 11.—Coroner Buckreus returned later last night from Mt. Breckenridge, where Young Fook, the Chinese cook, was lynched Tuesday for making a murderous assault on Mrs. Kenney, wife of the foreman of the mill. The inquest was held yesterday afternoon, but the 18 witnesses who were sworn testified that they did not know anything about the hanging of the Mongolian. 

In the attack made on Mrs. Kenney the Chinaman tried to stab her, but the knife struck a corset steel. He then struck her on the right side of the face, cutting to the bone, from mouth to ear, and narrowly missing the jugular vein. She was then knocked down and the Chinaman was advancing on her with upraised knife when Mrs. Kenney's little girl grabbed the Mongolian by his pigtail and pulled him away. 

At this moment Mr. Kenney entered the house and engaged in a scuffle with the Chinaman to disarm him and was cut and bitten on the arm. Lumbermen knocked the Chinaman down and dragged him out to an oak tree, where he was hanged. 

The coroner's jury brought in a verdict that the deceased was hanged by parties unknown. 

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