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November 2, 1891: Larkin Nix

Join me today in a moment of history. We first stop at The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated November 1, 1891:


The Family Visited by a Midnight Mob and Nix Carried Off.

THOMASVILLE, Ga., October 31.—[Special.]—Was he lynched? Does the lifeless body of Larkin Nix swing from a limb in some swamp, or has he found a watery grave at the bottom of the Ochlockness river?

All manner of rumors are afloat today. The killing of George Mize at Pelham a few days ago is still fresh in the mind of the public. Larkin Nix, the now missing man, fired the fatal shots.The cause was Mize keeping Nix's daughter as his mistress. At the inquest a verdict of murder was found.

Nix Was Missing.

Nix had fled, and from the night of the shooting until this morning the officers have searched for him in vain. Several times they have been led off on false trails. However, there was one man who never despaired. Laying aside all else he gave his entire time to hunting for the murderer.

Every rumor of Nix's whereabouts was traced with the skill and persistence of a detective. John Mize, brother of the murdered man, has had his revenge.

But He Was Found.

At 1 o'clock this morning a party of armed men, without masks, surrounded the home of Mr. Nix, nephew of Larkin, twenty miles from Thomasville, and demanded that Larkin Nix be turned over to them. The leader claimed to be a deputy sheriff. Some of the party entered the house, and, after a search, discovered their game. Nix, seeing that resistance was useless, went quietly. Tom wished to accompany his uncle, and followed a short distance.

And Now He Is Missing Again.

The ominous click of guns, and a command to go back, given in the tone that conveyed a threat, caused him to desist. He arrived in Thomasville this morning and reported the capture. He recognizes [sic] John Mize, who proves that the party were enemies, not friend of the murderers. Sheriff Doss has telegraphed to various points, but up to this time has failed to locate Nix or any of the party. Mr. Tom Nix is of the opinion that his uncle was lynched.

But Found Again.

THOMASVILLE, Ga., October 31.—[Special.]—Sheriff Doss has just received a telegram saying that Nix is in the guardhouse at Meigs, and to come for him. What the object of the capturing party was in keeping Nix from midnight until this hour, without informing the officer, is hard to determine. They were only twenty miles from Thomasville.

We wrap up this journey through the pages of the Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania) printed November 3, 1891:

A Southern Murderer Lynched.

CAMILLA, Ga., November 2.—Larkin Nix, who shot and brutally killed George Mize in Tyomas [sic] county, a few weeks ago, was captured yesterday in Decatur county and conveyed to Meigs last night. He was taken from the guards and brought into Mitchell county by the friends of Mize, and lynched by the infuriated mob.

Thank you for joining me and as always, I hope I leave you with something to ponder.

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