Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 1886: John Davis

The Wichita Beacon (Wichita, Kansas) gives us the details for the lynching on this date. The article comes from the edition printed November 25, 1886:


MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 25.—John Davis, the negro rapist, was lynched at Randolph, Ala., last night. Davis was the perpetrator of three outrages, The last outrage was committed near Randolph, on the 21st inst., on the person of Mrs. Curpton, a white lady. The victim had gone out a distance from her residence and was gathering up fire wood. he and a little boy while picking wood were suddenly sprung upon by two negroes from behind some bushes. One of the negroes drew a pistol and cocked it placing it to her head and said:  "If you scream I will kill you:"  telling the boy the same thing.

Davis was captured about nine last night. A mob of about fifty men over-powered the guard and took the prisoner out, and hanged him to a coaling derrick.

Today the article of interest comes from the Pittson Gazette (Pittson, Pennsylvania) dated July 8, 1887:

Fiendish Knights of the Switch.

LOUISVILLE, July 8.—The mob at Eckerly, Ind.,  known as the Knights of the Switch, who six weeks ago lynched John Davis for an alleged assault upon Ella Flanagan, have just dug up Davis' remains and tried to burn them. They fear detection and prosecution, and are trying to obliterate all traces of their deeds. It is said they tortured Davis to death by beating him and thrusting sharp sticks down his throat before they swung him by the neck to the sapling where he was found. These sticks had been driven clear into his lungs. The mob has threatened instant death to any who reveal anything about the lynching.

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