Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22, 1891: William Black and Daniel Gladney

Today's lynching is short and simple. We find our lynchings in the Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) dated January 1, 1892:

November 22. William Black, colored, insults, Moscow, Tex.
November 22. Daniel Gladney, race prejudice, Atlanta Co., Miss.

An article on the lynching of William Black is not as clear on the date, it comes to us through the pages of The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) dated November 23, 1891:



Lynched by White Caps.

MOSCOW, Tex., Nov. 22.—[Special.]—The white caps paid this town a visit last night, the result of which was learned this morning on finding the body of Billy Black, colored, hanging to a large scale beam erected in the middle of the most elevated spot in the street.

The victim was a stranger here, having been in the city only three or four days, during which time he made himself very insulting to the ladies and children. He struck the railroad agent's 5-year-old daughter, while he was in his office. One young lady sprained her ankle in attempting to escape this rascal, and has been in bed two days. The officers of the law were too slow in attending to their duty for the outraged citizens, hence the results.

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