Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 1887: George Hart

The following lynching is found in The Salisbury Truth (Salisbury, N. C.) on November 10, 1887:


George Hart, colored, who murdered young Ed. Waldrup, near Waverly, last year, was taken out of jail at Opelika, Ala., by a mob of about 75 masked men, and carried where the crime was committed, where he was hung. A placard was pinned on his back, saying:  "The person who cuts this man down will suffer the same fate." The mob came into the town about 11 at night, and was so orderly that no one knew they were there until the sheriff reported it. When they arrived, the proceeded to the jail and demanded the keys from Sheriff Gordon. He refused to surrender them, whereupon six men overpowered him and took the keys from him.

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