Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18, 1894: Williams

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois) dated January 20, 1894:


Louisiana Negro Defends Himself and Is Captured and Strung Up.

NEW ORLEANS, La., Jan. 19.—Special Telegram.—A negro by the last name of Williams was lynched last night at the Greenwood plantation in West Feliciana Parish. Williams was charged with robbing the corn-crib of the plantation and firing it and burning it down. He was arrested and tried for larceny. The case resulted in a mistrial, and Williams was released on bonds. This failure of justice provoked the regulators, and a number of them, headed by Joe Roberts and other white men, determined to give Williams a severe lesson by inflicting a whipping and ordering him out of the parish. The party went there at night for the purpose of administering the whipping. As they approached the house Williams, who had been warned of their coming, opened fire, killing Joe Roberts, the leader of the regulators, and seriously if not fatally wounding Charles Reed, Jr., son of the owner of the Greenwood plantation, he being shot in the eyes. The negro then jumped out of the rear of the house and fled. The mob opened fire on him and wounded him in the leg, but not sufficiently to prevent him still running. He was pursued, captured, and strung up to a tree, where his body was found in the morning. Roberts, who was killed in the attacking party, leaves a wife and five children.

I tried, but could not find the full name for Williams. I only found one other article and it gave no name, whatsoever for the victim of the lynching, only the names of the men shot. Thank you for joining me and as always, I hope I leave you with something to ponder.

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