Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4, 1907: Will Scott

The Eagle (Bryan, Texas) dated January 6, 1907:

Enters Lady's Room

Miss King's Screams Bring Succor and Will Scott Runs Away, but Is Captured by Citizens and Now a Corpse.

Eufala, Ala., Jan. 5.—Will Scott, a negro, was lynched at Midway, Ala., Friday afternoon by a posse of indignant citizens. He was hanged to a tree and his body riddled with bullets. The negro, who appears to have been a well known character in the community, and who had only recently returned from the penitentiary, on Wednesday night entered the room of Miss Morrell King at Midway by pushing open one of the shutters, and had grasped her hand before she awoke. He [sic] screams attracted the other inmates of the house, and the negro escaped. A posse immediately set out after the negro and captured him Thursday. When brought to Midway Thusrday [sic] morning he made a full confession and the lynching followed. It is learned that a similar attempt was made to enter the troom [sic] of two other young women at Midway a short time ago, and the citizens were aroused. Miss King is a daughter of Lem King, a banker.

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