Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 1886: Ebenezer Fowler

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) dated February 1, 1886:


The Deserved Punishment of a Black Rascal in Mississippi.

VICKSBURG, January 31.—In response to a telegram from Mayorsville, Issaquenna county, for instance, Captain Zarles with 22 men, left there at 2 p. m., and arrived at Mayorsville at ten o'clock, when the cause of this requisition for troops was ascertained to be apprehensions that certain colored citizens of that vicinity would seek to avenge the killing of Ebenezer Fowler, a well known negro barkeeper, on Saturday evening, by the enraged citizens of that place. Fowler, who was married, about 45 years old, of rather ungainly appearance, pushed his attentions upon white females whenever he could make it convenient to do so. On Saturday he wrote a note, which he delivered to a married woman whose husband was absent making indecent proposals, and the lady delivered the note to her husband. A meeting of citizens was called, and the proposition made to tar and feather him, but it was decided to confront him with the lady herself. Fowler was arrested. He made an effort to wrest the pistol from the hands of his guards, when the weapon was discharged, the ball just missing the mayor and burning his hand badly. This inflamed the crowd, who, without mercy, riddled him with bullets. The excitement has now quieted down, and no further apprehension of trouble exists.

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