Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2, 1901: Louis McAdams

The Wilmington Morning Star (Wilmington, N. C.) dated January 3, 1901:


Negro Who Murdered a White Man Taken from the Officers and Hanged by a Mob at Wilsonville.

By Telegraph to the Morning Star.

BIRMINGHAM, ALA., January 2.—A special to the Age-Herald, from Wilsonville, Ala., says:

Louis McAdams, a negro, who cut and seriously injured J. M. Ray at this place, Christmas evening, and who was arrested in Childersburg yesterday, was taken from officers by a mob of one hundred men this afternoon and hanged, four miles from this place. The mob quietly dispersed and as every man wore a mask there is no clue as to the identity of any of the lynchers.

When word was received that the negro had been arrested in Childersburg the mayor and two deputies went for him last night. The town was quiet and orderly when the deputies left and it seemed that no preparations were being made for lynching the negro. About four miles from town on their return the deputies were surprised by about one hundred armed men, who stopped the team, disarmed the deputies and demanded the prisoner. A rope was placed around the negro's neck. He was forced to mount a fence, while the end of the rope was fastened to a tree limb. The fence was knocked from under him and while he swung in the air the contents of about fifty guns were emptied into his body.

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